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  1. Hi I've tested it and it happened what i mentioned above. the transition brings me to final to intercept the ILS, but FSC puts my destination as my next waypoint after that, and changes my heading off the ILS, and direct toward the airport
  2. Hello Volker You're right. i've studied that part. so i guess what happens here that after FSC does the transition aka the arc, instead of keeping the heading for final, it turns me toward the airport (waypoint) itself, so i'll mis the ILS by like, 40degrees. IS there a way to tell FSC to not autovector my aircraft toward the airport? like, can i delete the last waypoint during the flight? Thanks alot.
  3. Hello These days i've started to use FSC to be able to fly SIDS and STARS correctly. specially when i've figured that the software is also accessible with my screenreader, (on a slightly off-topic note, i also updated the last topic) http://forum.simflight.com/topic/69266-blind-pilots-and-fsc9/ The problem now is, that i can't establish onto localiser when on final. It seems like that FSC is doing its job very well, it performs the SID, then follows the waypoints, then does the STAR and the transition and puts me on final. however, i'm unable to lock onto localiser, and the reason is u
  4. Hello It was litterly two years ago when i've posted this topic, and now i would like to inform you, and likely those who have do google searched to here, that the FSCommander is accessible to screenreader users, mainly jaws. The menuBars above can be called by the alt key, the file plan window can be accessed via the jaws cursor, and while you are connected to fs and the gps window is open, you can use jaws cursor to view that window which includes your next waypoint, distence and estimated time to it, your current alt and GS/TAS, and AGL. I'm not sure that either it was the 9.1 u
  5. oh yeah... actually, i was wandering if we can read the GPS window by our screenreader. i couldn't find a way in the demo version though thanks for the replys
  6. hello, thanks for your reply, well, that is sad... it would be awesome to find the heading/altitude, and heading to the waypoints in a separate text window, so that the blind pilots could get such an awesome benefit from it. ok anyway, i've realised that my product is for aerosoft, not for simmarket.... is there any diffrense? also should i still contact you for more information? or... thanks for your support!
  7. hello there, i'm a blind person, and i control my aircraft by voice see this one: http://www.itsyourplane.com/ also i use my computer with a screenreader called jaws, which reads the texts on my computer. i've heard that in FSC you can see waypoints, and can find the current heading to them. sometimes in vatsim and ivao, the ATC is not available, and i cannot find the heading to my route, (i cannot see the GPS data to find the heading for that!) i'm wandering, is there anyway, to get a text heading, from my position to my next waypoint in fs commender? i'm going to purchase it, but
  8. hi no i'm a windows XP user well i just gave up installing it >>>
  9. hi sorry for double posting, that site, www.simmarket.ir contains malwares and spywares in their files, which they put for download and again, their DVDs which they're selling contains advanced spywares and trojans.... probably i would not do such a thing, buying the product from simmarket.ir :D i'm wandering how they are running the business still, with no customers
  10. hello, thank you burkhard, for the links, well, actually, i've found the problem... it's coded p2 in this link http://forum.simflight.com/topic/52842-mytraffic-x-installation-not-working-checklist/ so i checked the aircraft folder, and it was 869 files with 900 mb syze... so i guess, the files of the setup are corrupted, or my product isn't registered, or... i really don't know what is up with it. and, yeah that's true aerosoft doesn't deal with iran.. :D as i see, the version which i've bought is simmarket's product my trafic x v5.2 also the setup is 1.1 GB in one DVD, and i've chec
  11. hi, thanks for replying. well, i've got this add on from one of the stores in near my home. i have really no idea, if they coppyed it, cracked it or what, but the shopkeeper said that it is oreginal. and since i cannot use paypal (iran blocks paypal and using it have punishments for it) and if i want to transfer money by bank account, i should use third-party companies to transfer the money, so i should pay double for it, so i decided to buy from one of the stores.. and, to the surprise they didn't have the my trafic v5.3. ok, anyway i checked the fsx.cfg, it was alright too... where
  12. hello! i've just got my trafic x last month, v5.2, and installed it today i installed it, then i did let it to extract files, then without running anything, i did run microsoft fsx. (it didn't gave me the run/don't run permission when the fsx was comming up) anyway, i went to settings/scenery part, and loaded the my trafic folder into it, and double clicked it. it did run a process. i slide the trafic to 100%, but when i run my flight, at the gate, in the airport, i cannot see any aircraft, nothing! please help me.... thank you alot! cheers -hadi
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