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  1. Thanks for the answers. I`m not going to complain yet, but i just needed to know if it was normal. regards Bjørn Erik Henriksen
  2. Hi! could anyone tell me how long it takes before you get the license key from simmarked? I payd for it two hours ago. is it normal to wait this long? I got the mail after a few minutes, but there was no key in the mail. only a link to my account at simmarked. no key there either. regards Bjørn Erik Henriksen
  3. hey, that`s cool! an orbital twin jet. :lol:
  4. Hi! I have just bought My traffic 2004, and must say it`s really good. I have noticed a few faults in the FDE`s though. B737-200: will not land. Declares missed approach all the time. BA-ATP: Skyrockets on takeoff. I really mean skyrockets. Takes off and goes completely vertical. This is the two planes i have noticed so far. I just wanted you to know this. Hope you don`t mind. Regards Bjørn Erik Henriksen
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