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  1. i've been having trouble with FSX and I've had to re-install the software several times, including FSC. My FSC9.3 registration key (and any other key for that matter) no longer works. Can someone please help. I purchased FSC8 through SimMarket but all updates since then through your site. I would add the key I have here but perhaps that is not a good idea. Anyway, the key won't take. Thanks so much. Frank Bass
  2. I downloaded and installed V9.1 Update. I ran the database update and again received the Trojan Horse error. This time however, I set my security software to learning mode and re-ran the data base update. This time the security software allowed the update. Thanks again for your assistance. Frank
  3. Thank you gentlemen. I'm using Vipre Internet Security. I'll check out the newer version of FSC9. Frank
  4. Whenever I update my airports.txt file (flight plans) or when I execute the FSX9 database manager, the system displays a trojan horse error message on the file FSCFSXCFG.exe. When you execute a system search there is no such executable. You cannot complete a database update because of this error. I've never seen this error message before. Can someone help? 1. FSX or FS2004(FS9) - FSX 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS version used - fsuipc v4.81 (payware) 3. FS Commander and Database Manager version and build used - FSC V9.0.0.7; DB Mgr - V9.0.0.4 4. Aerosoft version or download version from our webs
  5. Thanks Sascha for the update. Frank
  6. The last post I could find concerning the missing tutorial was June 2011. At that point it appeared there was work being done on the document. Has there been any progress on this tutorial - please? Frank
  7. I didn't realize you had to actually select an airport before you could see a menu selection. Perhaps for registration, someone might add that to the initial opening screen for FSC9. After all, I think most would agree that when you first open a program a user should be given some place to input the initial key. Just a thought. Thanks very much for your help. Frank
  8. I downloaded FSC9 from the Flightsim Commander site. I followed the link to SimMarket and purchased (at the update price) a license. I signed onto my SimMarket account and received the key. Now, where do I input this key so that my copy of FSC9 will be a registered version? Thanks Frank
  9. Thank you sir. I found, during FSX configuration, that my GoFlight throttle body was no longer functioning. I will provide the data you requested shortly. Sorry for the delay. Regarding the power management issue - I did not know that each USB hub had its own power management setting. So, I've gone into the Hardware Manager and turned off the power management. Thanks for that tip. Frank
  10. How come you didn't see the links to the correct Support forum, so that your long message of woe had to be re-directed to the correct place? This support forum is noted in all my documents and there are links on the sales site and the download site, and even on the main front page of the options! Answer: There is a lot of material to absorb in setting up FSUIPC. The fact that I missed a link to the proper support forum is hardly a major transgression. I simply forgot that simFlight is much more than just FSUIPC. I'm sorry I missed that link. Incidentally, why are you going direct to the
  11. A little background. I've been in the computer business for more than 45 years. I cut my teeth programming mainframe computers (for those that know what those are). I've been using FS software for more years than I care to remember. I've spent so much money.....ugh. So, with that said, here's my system. ASUS P65X58D mobo; Intel i7-975 Extreme CPU; 12Gb Corsair RAM; BFG GTX 295 graphics card. EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX card. Two (2) Seagate 1.5Tb Barracuda disk drives in RAID1 config; Two (2) Pioneer DVD/Blu-Ray drives; Thermaltake Armor Lcs case with liquid cooling; GoFlight airline consol w
  12. Well, I've just been had by the arrogant developer of this software. He maintains that I just don't know how to read. I maintain he's full of crap - typical. You get money for your product and then the developer screws you because he doesn't understand what you say. He says he's not going to answer any more posts in my support message. Too bad. He might find a problem in his software that he didn't know about. I've now purchased the FS Commander product twice with a charge for an update I couldn't get. This is the level of human interaction we now have today. The developer assumes the
  13. I just thought of something else. Your instructions indicate that if you have a version of FS Command that is earlier than 8.4, you must use the full install file. The only place where the full install file for Version 8.5 is located is on your site. I cannot obtain any version from Aerosoft since I didn't buy the program from them. On the SimMarket site there is no file - original or update that I can access. Frank
  14. Because that is site where I purchased the program. The only item I got from SimMarket was a key. If there had been a file to download I would have done so and used the key to register. However, SimMarket provides no download file - only a key. Also, there was no e-mail notification from SimMarket which is the usual method for linking to a download file. That is correct. I purchased my copy of FS Commander from SimMarket. My original version was purchased from SimMarket. Since SimMarket only provided a key, I attempted a download from the Aerosoft site without success. There were
  15. Yes, my Version 8.1 (updated from 8.0) was obtained from Aerosoft. When I tried to get support from Aerosoft, they told me that I had to get my update files from you folks. Here is a record of responses I received from Aerosoft: Sir, I ordered and paid for the update to FS Commander (8.5) but there was no download link. My current version of this program is 8.1 and the update cannot be used for this version. So, how do I get the new (updated) version? NOTE: This program has been updated a number of times but I have never received an update notice even though I signed up the this service.
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