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  1. I don't know whether josh23913's problem is still existent. When I attach a Desktop Aviator product to the PC and select "Button & Switch assignments" from FSUIPC7 I can clearly see the joystick and assignment works well. This is a log example: If there is still need for help, give me a sign, @josh23913. Detlef
  2. I did not use com.readlast, just com.read. My device sends a report only when there are new data. So I moved the joystick slowly to achieve a rare update but it misses several inputs and suddenly jumps to a new value. I am afraid I have to change my HID device into a composite one with a joystick interface and a keyboard interface until SimConnect gets properly implemented. Then I can feed FSUIPC with conventional inputs. Let's see what happens. Detlef
  3. This is an interesting discussion although it is rather old now. I am connecting a generic HID device (not a joystick) to the PC. It converts my CAN-bus (with CanAerospace protocol) to HID. By means of the LUA interface of FSUIPC I catch the reports and distribute them to the offsets 0BB2, 0BB6 and 0BBA (Elevator Position, Aileron Position and Rudder Position). This arrangement acts like a joystick. I used both, an event.com solution and an event.timer solution. The first showed only spurious reaction while the latter (with an intervall time of 20ms) has fast responses when used with Prep
  4. Desktop Aviator boards are mostly joysticks with or without analog axes. A switch panel has buttons only. So it should be recognized as a joystick.
  5. Hi Pete, as my script is a proof of concept I did not do complicated things yet. I am sitting with a small plane on the ground, no movement, just the prop is spinning. No AI. static scenery. Frame rates about 25. By the way, I am using Prepar3D. I am operating the switch with either a mouse click or a FSUIPC assigned key. The graphic's response is quick: the switch on the screen flips and the annunciator light changes almost immediately (~0.1s). But, even omitting the COM channel the LUA display alone reacts slowly (up to 1s). I proofed it with this minimalistic script: -- "annunciator
  6. Very short: -- "annunciators" test program Vendor = 0x04D8 Product = 0xFE7A Device = 0 -- Multiple devices of the same name need increasing Device numbers -------------------------------------------------------- -- First, we need to get the device Report = 1 -- I *think* all joystick types use Input Report 0 dev = 0 dev, rd, wrf, wr = com.openhid(Vendor, Product, Device, Report) if dev == 0 then ipc.log("Could not open HID") --ipc.exit() else ipc.log("HID opened successfully") ipc.log(dev.." "..rd.." "..wrf.." "..wr) end X = "" function lights(offset, value) X = string.char
  7. Thanks a lot, Pete, I can see more clearly now. I think, I can live with that delay as far as lights are concerned. If I switch on the cabin light and my ceiling light floods the room half a second later - I can live with it. Dedel
  8. Hi there, I am using a small event driven LUA script to call my HID USB device whenever a light switch is toggled (using offset 0x0D0C). Then the USB device sets it's outputs accordingly. However, there is a significant delay between the incident and the response: from immediate up to 1 sec. It seems that the event is polled with a fixed 1 sec interval. Is there a way to shorten this interval to have a more rapid response? The ipc.display window behaves similar. Many thanks for a hint, Dedel
  9. Thanks Pete, everything works fine now. The "Debug=Please" did the job: My HID device (and others) are visible in the log again. I use an ipcReady.lua for starting my script now with success. I was misled by my one FSX implementation which starts my script even without an [Auto] entry nor an ipcInit/ipcReady script! Detlef
  10. They were, I swear! However, during my efforts to get the script running, they disappeared and I forgot to document this ... There were 3 HID devices listed with full information - sorry I can't show it any more. They ARE listed in the INI file. And that's why I am so astonished that they do not show any action. As a test, I put DISPLAY VALS.LUA into the modules folder and expect to see some variables to show up in the FS window (which works on the one "good" FSX implementation), but there is nothing with Prepar3D and the other FSX. Detlef
  11. Hi, I have my own modules known as HID devices to the PC. One of them has rotary encoders attached to it and sends the information as a HID report. This report is caught by a LUA script within the modules folder, interpreted and passed on to FSUIPC offsets (NAV1, COM1, AP heading, etc.). This works fine with my FSX installed on my home PC. However, on the same PC I have an incarnation of Prepar3D and also on my laptop. Both do not reckognize the HID device (the PC does)! It is not listed in the log files. Other LUA scripts (from the samples) folder are reckognized neither. My Prepa
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