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  1. Same here. Can live without it no more. :)
  2. I think we can declare this a tremendous update. The view options for P3D are fantastic. No wonder I love everything related to this software. Congratulations. :)
  3. Hi, :) I currently have the following Night 3D packages: Night 3D Canada (Quebec) Night 3D Iberia (Andorra, Canary Islands, Madeira, Portugal, Spain) v1.1 Night 3D Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania) Night 3D USA (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi) Night 3D USA (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah) Night 3D USA (California, Nevada) Night 3D USA (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont) v1.2 Night 3D USA (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC) Night 3D USA (Hawaii) Night 3D USA (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas) Night 3
  4. It took me a staggering 1 (one) second to decide if I was going to buy this or not. Seriously? This is a no-brainer product. You just to buy it, and that's that. :)
  5. Hi, indeed there was no AI bug at Heathrow. The file corrupting AI traffic came from FranceVFR file TRF_Jetset.bgl (Riviera Jetset Scenery). Go figure. BTW, the simMarket "review" for your software (http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-x-professional-5.4-b.phtml) came from me. It is really that good. :-) Cheers, J.C.
  6. I downloaded MyTraffic X Professional 5.4B from simMarket (1.38 GB) on 12/20/2012. I see there is a "Patches54b.exe". Should I download it to? Since I'm a newbie I found the "http://forum.simflig...-mytraffic-54b/" very confusing. I'm asking this too because I can't see any traffic at UK2000 Heathrow EGLL airport anymore. The airport is empty when you first load it but if you wait 1 hour the AI aircraft will begin to appear. Cheers, Joe.
  7. Enjoy your time off and Merry Christmas!
  8. Simon will correct me if I'm wrong, but every time I add new scenery I always run the Configuration Wizard (Make Runways and Compile Airports). Siletz Bay S45 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siletz_Bay_State_Airport) doesn't have an ICAO airport code but instead has a FAA LID code (see more at http://en.wikipedia....tion_identifier). Actually I don't enter an ICAO code. I assume you installed OrbX AI Traffic 1.1 on top of 1.0. If so: I ran the STB CONFIGURATION WIZARD I changed STB "Airport Movement Display Threshold" to 2 and not 4 (save any changes you make). I changed FS General Aviation
  9. Hi Simon, :) Just curious, but is there an update of this package for the new MTX 5.4B? Thanks, simMarket: 931393
  10. Download OrbX AI Traffic for free at (http://fullterrain.c...ct_traffic.html). Look for NA GA Traffic 1.00 and 1.10. Simon's second option above is the best if you want to see something. Reduce "Airport Movement Display Threshold" to 1 or 2. The downside is that you will now have dozens of airports from the "Select Airport…" to choose from. The one you're looking for is Gleneden Beach Siletz Bay State. In FSX or P3D change the General Aviation Traffic Density to, for example, 50%.
  11. Done deal! :) simMarket order (with the hyper discount): 946720
  12. It worked! You're the man! I just won't repeat that this is fantastic software, because you know it. :smile: Best Regards, Joe.
  13. Hi Simon, Here is what I did: Since the distance from my aircraft from that of the AI aircraft might be huge, since FSDT PHNL is a big airport, I positioned, using SLEW, my user aircraft right next to the AI aircraft I wanted to see. Turned off SLEW and I "FOLLOW AI" to that aircraft and the scenery disappeared. I "RETURN TO BASE" and the scenery reappeared. The AI and my user aircraft are side by side, so there's no distance between them. The same thing happens with other FSDT sceneries. This won't happen if I "VIEW AI". From my searches I found this at the FSDT Forum: And from another
  14. Hi All, The following thing is happening to me: I'm using FSX Acceleration, FSDT PHNL with MyTraffic X and if I "FOLLOW AI" in SuperTrafficBoard (v. to another aircraft parts of the scenery disappear, if not all. When buildings, hangars, etc. disappear in FSDT PHNL all I see are black shadows in the ground. It won't happen if I use the built in "AIR TRAFFIC" option in FSX. I did the "Rerun First Time Configuration Wizard" to recompile the sceneries I had added, but to no avail. Since the searches I made didn't come with an answer, I must presume that the "problem" is at my end. Any
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