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  1. Alaa Riad

    Moved to P3D and....... (answered)

    Also the ability to draw on the map a simple line or connected lines or path (each showing a length) and also circles (showing radius or diameters) it could help navigation as well
  2. Alaa Riad

    Moved to P3D and....... (answered)

    Dear Alvaro What I like about FSC is the simplicity with more than sufficient information to utilize and use, I wish there could be full integration with Navigraph so we can see full charts also for me I would like to see real information (topography and not only MSL) and weather (not only wind speed and directions). Regarding flight planning, I think it's there already very useful especially in VFR flights I usually import my IFR flights from Simbrief also adding a performance calculator for some planes to calculate FLEX temp and Vspeeds could be very useful as well (or even to make it user-friendly to be customized by users). To me, even without further development, today FSC is a tool I can't fly without Best regards Alaa
  3. Alaa Riad

    Moved to P3D and....... (answered)

    Hello Volker I appreciate the tip 🙂 Thought to let you know, for me as a simmer since the early 90s and after checking my history of purchase I realized I am using FSC for more than 5 continuous years ......Not a single flight -in the thousands- I didn't use and enjoy FSC so thank you very much, that's how important it is for me and I am sure for others. My humble opinion is that I am sure the P3D niche of customers is increasing - after 4 days flying P3D I am sure FSX will vanish gradually- and there will be a huge market for a paid FSC for P3D, newer version, I will be the first to buy. Many thanks again and best of luck Alaa Riad
  4. Alaa Riad

    Moved to P3D and....... (answered)

    Many thanks Volker
  5. Dear all I just moved to P3D yesterday and to my surprise, I read that the new version 10 of FSC is not compatible with P3D......So You think I can use an older version of FSC to run with P3D? like the one I had, which was FSC921? before the updates? Many thanks
  6. Alaa Riad

    Upgrading My TrafficX 44a

    Dear Sirs I have My trafficX54a I want to upgrade to 6 or 6a, any instructions how to do that ? my SIM is FSX Best regards Alaa
  7. Alaa Riad

    ASN Weather Engine with FS_Commander

    Good luck and thanks :)
  8. Alaa Riad

    ASN Weather Engine with FS_Commander

    Many thanks Volker ......I hope it will be included at coming updates ?
  9. Hello all Could you please tell me how to use ASN weather engine with FS_Commander ? Many thanks Alaa
  10. Alaa Riad

    Airports that need geometry changes

    Hi I will appreciate it, if you consider HECA with an upgrade (there are a new terminal and new runway), also Egyptair livery is the old one I think it was changed about 7 years back or so. Best regards Alaa Riad

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