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  1. jonfeldstein

    autopilot heading conversion

    i figured out what was wrong 30secs after my last post. here's the corrected code just in case anyone has the same prob in the future: heading *= 65536/360; sHdg = heading + 0.5; this works fine! thanks pete for getting me thinking.
  2. jonfeldstein

    autopilot heading conversion

    pete, i tried casting it like you suggested but it just results in the short value being zero. wouldnt it always be zero because when converting to fs format you are dividing by 65536 which would make a decimal which would be cut off? thanks
  3. I have written a routing function in which i take the lat/lon from fs and then calculate the heading (in degrees, unsigned) needed to fly over a target lat/lon. I print out the heading in the degrees and it is always correct. However, when i try to convert the heading back into the FS format and write it to the autopilot heading preset, the heading in the autopilot display is a different number. Here is my code for the conversion: double heading; //after heading calculation... heading = (heading*360)/65536; mastLock = 1; headLock = 1; FSUIPC_Open(SIM_ANY, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Write(0x07BC, 4, &mastLock, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Write(0x07C8, 4, &headLock, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Write(0x07CC, 2, &heading, &dwResult); FSUIPC_Process(&dwResult); Everything works fine except for the heading when it appears in the autopilot display. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. jonfeldstein

    ADVdisplay panel save

    scratch that question. just read a little deeper to find that that option was removed in an earlier version. sorry bout that
  5. in the ADVdisplay help doc it says that you can save an ADVdisplay docking instance to a panel but i cannot find that save option on the menu. Thanks.
  6. jonfeldstein


    can anyone post a very very simple gauge that prints out a piece of data read from FSUIPC. It would be a great help thanks
  7. if i needed a large block to move data back an forth using FSUIPC could I just read and write to the large unused area starting at 8100 without any problems?
  8. jonfeldstein

    New offsets?

    I was wondering if there were FSUIPC offsets established for the following token variables: TOTAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_GALLONS, GET_GUN_AMMO, GET_CANNON_AMMO, GET_ROCKET_AMMO, GET_BOMB_AMMO. If anyone has found offsets for these could they please post or email me at jonathan.feldstein@innocon.com

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