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  1. Yuo are right. I can set any parameter above 100 ft - 200, 300 and so on - and it will work. Altitude reference value will increment/decrement by that value. And i can do it without lua script - simply use 'Ap Alt Var Inc' control or use 'Ap Alt Var Dec' if i need decreasing. With setting parameters above 100 ft everything woks perfectly. And this is with FSX. The point was to make smooth refuel from tanker (with fixed drogue) using autopilot. But it can be done only if aircraft autopilot have more precise and accurate altitude reference value - what i was seeking for. Maybe it seems a little funny at first...But i'm not seeking to feel reality when playing FSX. For me - it is only the game..Hope You understand what i want to say :)
  2. Hi there, The results after many experiments are negative. For example, if i set parameter to 10, then altitude reference value increases by 100 ft. after pressing assigned key tree times..Experiments with other parameters gave no results - reference value changes nevertheless only by 100 ft. only depending what parameter was choosen and then according to that parameter how many times was pressed assigned key. Also try to find and use other offset but nothing happens...Maybe i want changes which cannot be achieved. Despite that, thanks for help Pete.
  3. Is it possible to change fsx default aircraft autopilot altitude increment/decrement reference value throught FSUIPC ? As You know default reference value is 100 ft and i need 10 ft sometimes in some situations. To do this directly changing variables in fsx it seems mission impossible. What about using FSUIPC ? If it is possible, help me please cause i'm not strong in using and programming FSUIPC.
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