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  1. Resolved by 'user' !! I clicked on launch icon and selected Maximize...Voila! Doug Pelton
  2. Greetings!! Purchased FSC version 10 in Dec 2018 thru SimMarket. Today, downloaded 10.6. Used SE Database manager. All load successfully. Starting: Once I select the airport, then I 'lose' the startup page. I tab the desktop and see it is white=-and-spinning cursor. Here is my setup: -FSX Steam -FSUIPC: v 4.974 -No network use. FSCommander runs on PC with FSX SE -FSC: v10.6 DataManager for SE -AIRAC: 1909 -W 10 64bit -6 Monitors. Thanks so much for your time and expertise. Doug KSEA
  3. Yes, I re-read the Guide and yes the WorkGroups were assigned properly....so I thought: #1: FLITESIM #2 FLIGHTSIM...changed it! Voila!!!! :idea: Onward and Upward!!!
  4. Yes, the workgroups are the same name, and I have read the Guide to make sure all was set up properly, ala workgroup.
  5. Okay, using WClient 6.94 and registered FSCUIPC, 3.999. Client not connecting; please note that Firewall is inactive, and I'm able to use Aerosoft's avionics package on network...so assuming (ouch) network is ok. #1 XP with FS and FSUIPC and WideServer #2 Vista with WClient Logs below. Thanks for the look see! ********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 6.94] ********* Blocksize guide = 4096 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 03/07/12, Time 12:56:49.718: Server name is OSU-6B2ELM457MG 74627 Initialising TCP/IP server 74838 Initialising IPX/SPX server 74958 ServerNode=0.0.8448.12079.19109 74968 Initialising UDP/IP server 75268 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 85873 Restarting service due to total lack of use ********* WideClient Log [version 6.94] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 03/07/12, Time 13:01:55.922: Client name is VISTA 1092 LUA: "C:\Users\omak\Desktop\WideClientJuly\Initial.LUA": not found 1186 Attempting to connect now 2184 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 2184 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 4228 Attempting to connect now 12246 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 12246 Total time connected = 0 seconds 12246 Reception maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 12246 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec 12246 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 0, Send frames lost = 0 12246 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 0, Alloc 0 Freed 0 Refused 0) *********
  6. Peter, I could not delete the post I had on the forum, so am doing so now...I'll update the problem later---I think I have 2 different versions running with Server 6.78 and Client 6.86 (???) Stay tuned ! Thanks
  7. Getting source for XP Home software to upgrade the Win2000 . Doug
  8. Thanks, Peter. Upgraded Windows 98 to Windows 2000 with FS9 installed on both. Registered copy of FSUIPC 3.99 installed on both PCs. Goal is to extend scenery views on Windows 2000 PC via WideView. Current problem on the Windows 2000 PC after several reloads of FS9---plus a new download of FSUIPC 3.99--- is this error message : "Flight Simulator unable to load some aircraft or sfotware. You can continue using Flight Simulator but aircraft or software will be disabled. File = FSUIPC.DLL" I've even replaced just the .dll file, but no fix,. Thanks again Doug
  9. New registered user. My client FS9 loads, but error messages: can't load FSUIPC or FSUIPC Co pilot (?).. Reinstalled FS9 but same message. Install successful for FSUIPC. Using same FSUIPC on Server PC and no errors. thanks for help Doug
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