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  1. John, No problem at all. We have a workaround. In my opinion it is a good idea to remove that check; a warning should be sufficient. In that way it is still possible to install an older version. Seems to me a perfect solution. Many thanks. Kind regards, Alje
  2. John, Today I tried the update from 5.156 to 5.157. And guess what happens; I got the same problem as previous. In the install logfile I read: "... Version 5.1.5. found. Installed version is later: it is not overwritten". So I decided to delete manually FSUIPC5.DLL and did a re-run from the installer. All okay now. So the problem still exists. Kind regards, Alje Bakker
  3. John, Many thanks for your reply. I deleted manually FSUIPC5.DLL and did a re-run from the installer as you said. Everything went smoothly and works fine. Many thanks for your help. However I am still curious what the problem was. Please keep me posted. Kind regards, Alje Bakker
  4. Dear sir, Today I tried to update FSUIPC from 5.155 to 5.156. In the install logfile I read: "... Version 5.1.5. found. Installed version is later: it is not overwritten." In my opinion this is not correct. Can you tell me what went wrong? See attached install log. Kind regards, Alje Bakker FSUIPC5 Install.log
  5. Dear Nikola, I am using TOPER 777 now for a few years and I am very satisfied with this tool. A question however. At this moment it is not possible to add intersections manually. I saw that the "ints_10.dat" is already 4 years old. Is there a possibility to update this file manually or perhaps automatically? I almost would say that this feature is a must have in the tool. Airports and Runways can be updated with your tool "toper-db-updater" but there is not such for the intersections. Kind regards, Alje Bakker
  6. Dear sir, Many thanks for your quick response. It is clear to me; I will keep both versions. Many thanks and kind regards, Alje Bakker
  7. Dear sir, A few months ago I bought TOPER CALCULATOR TOOL - B777 V3.0 (TAKEOFF PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR) from SimMarket. That appeared to be version 3.0.4. I detected on the forum an update with version 3.3.13. I downloaded it and tried to install. First I got the message to uninstall the previous version. After uninstalling the previous version I successfully installed the new one and did the activation. No problem at all. But ..... the question: is "3.3.13_upd" an update from a previous version or is "3.3.13_upd" a complete new version. So do I have to keep the old version "3.0.4" as well when I have to perform a reinstall in the future (ofcourse I hope that I never has to do a reinstall)? In case of a reinstall is it necessary to install first "3.0.4" and then "3.3.13" or can I install just the "3.3.13" version? Many thanks and kind regards, Alje Bakker
  8. Dear Nikola, We have the intention to buy "FS DECELERATE FOR PMDG BOEING 777 (LANDING CALCULATOR)" and "TOPER CALCULATOR TOOL - B777 V3.0 (TAKEOFF PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR)". However a few questions: Does "FS DECELERATE FOR PMDG BOEING 777 (LANDING CALCULATOR)" supports the 777-200ER? Is it possible to update the underlaying database in "FS DECELERATE FOR PMDG BOEING 777 (LANDING CALCULATOR)" likewise with the tool "TOPER Airac Generator Utility"? Many thanks and kind regards, Alje Bakker
  9. Hi Volker, Thanks for your quick response. The only solution for us was to de-install FSC. After that IE7 still does not work; so we have to reinstall IE7. After those actions our IE7 works normal. We have tried to install FSC again and we still get the same problem. So in our opinion it is definitely a problem in the installer of FSC for our computer. We saw that the FSC installer installed two DLL's in windows/system32: ieframe.dll and iertutil.dll. Those two files are also used by IE7. Do we have to do some additional installation i.e. .Net framework; IE8? Please let us know; at this moment we are not able to use FSC. Kind regards, Alje Bakker
  10. LS, Yesterday i bought FSC9.1. I want to install FSC on a seperate comp. When the installation almost finished i get a error like: could not register IEFRAME.DLL. the only option i can do is "ignore". After that, the installation is succesfully according the installer. I have to restart my comp. to finish the whole process. So i restart my comp. But from now on i get the following error message "Ordinal 481 not found in dynamic library iertutil.dll" and i am not able to start EI7. I saw during the installation of FSC9 that he installs those two .DLL files in WINDOWS/System32. And i know that IE7 use those two files also. So i dont know what happend or what i did wrong. But i don't think it is right??? So please help me out Kind regards Alje
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