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  1. Thanks, But what I meant to say is where do you post the patches? I have 5.4 and I am reading that there are patch updates (fixes)
  2. Where do I find the 5.4 updates?
  3. I am getting a new PC with an i7 2600 and 12GB of memory. Will this allow me to enable exits and still have good FPS?
  4. What is enable exits for ground transportation? I was having poor frame rates at graphic intense 3rd party airports. I unchecked this for all aircraft and the frame rates went way up.
  5. Burkhard, I had everything installed from WOAI. This did not include military. You have a lot more planes in comparison to WOAI. When using your My Traffic X 5.4 should I set airlines to 15-20? Private 5-10? NOTE: I have removed WOAI from FSX for the reasons you stated above. That is why I went with My Traffic X 5.4
  6. What number should I set Airline and Private traffic settings that would be equivilent to 50- Airline and 35 Private using WOAI? I am loosing some frame rate at some 3rd party graphic intense airports. I use Bojotes enhancement which doubled my frame rates in non urban/ large airport areas.
  7. Burkhard, I took two photos in Chicago at 12:20PM with it set for Summer.
  8. If you click and enlarge it you can see the difference between the United on the left and on the right.
  9. Has the change back to 1.0 affected the frame rates? Up or down
  10. Thanks for explaining this.
  11. I am getting a pinkesh tone to the grey color on the United A320 textures. Anyone else getting this?
  12. No meaning; in that the aircraft cfg name doesn't matter?
  13. Hi, My screen resolution is 1920x1080. I normally fly at zoom 0.30. I have attached two photos. In the first photo the zoom is 0.30 and the wheels and gear are missing on planes furthest away. In the second photo the zoom is 0.40 and the wheels and gear appear on the planes furthest away.
  14. In checking out the aircraft cfg's to see if it says model =wideFSX; I noticed that quite a few of the aircraft cfg's are named Sim instead of aircraft. Are the ones that are named Sim the updated versions?
  15. Burkhard, I checked my aircraft cfg's as well and wide screen is set (model=Wide FSX) I have an NVIDIA GTX 560i
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