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  1. Hi All Im Using two machines both running WinXP Pro and both networked, I'm using Wide FS which works fine I can connect to VATSIM etc running sqkw box on my second machine. However when I connect, Roger Wilco doesn't autoload and it wont auto switch when changing freqs using the atc directory can anyone help?. I'm using Roger Wilco on the main FS2002 Machine and not on the machine running Wide Client and tried both roger wilco versions 1C and 1D without any luck. Thanks In Advance Steve Using sqkw Box 2.3 B5 Roger Wilco 1c,1d (Both Tried) WideFS 5.50 Im Using TCP/IP and Both Computers have Ip's and Wide Client ini [Config] Window=0,2,788,27 Visible=Yes Timeout=20 UseTCPIP=Yes ServerIPAddr= Port=8002 ; ----------------------------------------------- [user] Log=Errors+ ActionKeys=Yes KeySend1=RWon KeySend2=RWoff RunReady1=D:\Program Files\ActiveSky wxRE\wxre.exe //RunReady2= //RunReady3= DelayReady1=5 //DelayReady2= //DelayReady3= CloseReady1=Yes //CloseReady2= //CloseReady3= Wide Server ini [Config] UseTCPIP=YES Port=8002 ; ----------------------------------------------- [user] Log=Errors+ RestartHotKey=78,11 TitleBarUpdate=No KeySend1=3 KeySend2=3,1 ; =============================================== Wide Client Log ********* WideClient.DLL Log [version 5.50] ********* Date (dmy): 05/07/03, Time 21:39:00.063: Client name is CLIENT 311 Attempting to connect now 361 Connection made okay! 511 New Client Application: "wxRE" (Id=1564) 4867 Connection closed by server! 4877 Ready to try connection again 4917 Attempting to connect now 4927 Connection made okay! 55851 New Client Application: "squawkbox" (Id=1668) 329875 Reception maximum achieved: 3 frames/sec, 123 bytes/sec 329875 Reception average achieved whilst connected: 1 frames/sec, 37 bytes/sec 329875 Max receive buffer = 97, Max send depth = 0 329875 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 2, Alloc 2070 Freed 2070 Refused 0) *********
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