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  1. rockliffe

    Missing 172 files MTX5.4a

    Hopefully this can be easily sorted. For some reason, the Cessna 172 is missing any textures. It simply appears completely blacked out. When looking inside the mytraffic/aircraft/c172 folder all there is, is a folder named soundai, and nothing else. I'm presuming this is the culprit? I have redownloaded MTX5.4a but the issue is still present. I'd be grateful for some help. Thanks.
  2. Hopefully someone can help with this. I'm running 9.1.1 with FSC on a network PC. Yesterday I decided to install the latest navdata into the NGX, VoxATC and FSC. Everything appears to have installed correctly, apart from... FSC. It will start OK, but does not respond if I try tiy create a new flightplan. When I try to open a flightplan it will simply freeze, and get a Runtime error 9, subscript out of range error message. I'd be really pleased if someone could help with this one, cheers fellas.
  3. rockliffe

    No mixture with A2A 172

    Thanks for the speedy reply Pete (and Thomas) appreciated. I've got it sorted, I reinstalled the 172 and things seem to now be working. Unsure what the issue was, but all fine now, thanks again.
  4. I have just completed a reinstall of Windows 7 and FSX, along with a newly downloaded version of FSUIPC. Everything works pretty well, with 99% connectivity with LINDA and FSUIPC, except... the mixture control on the A2A 172. For the life of me I cannot get any assignment to work. I've gone through every entry in the drop down list but with zero success. Am I missing something? Or is this a common issue? Help would, as always, be very much appreciated, cheers.
  5. I'm hoping this is a simple tweak in the ini file, but I'm usnure and need a little advice. For some reason, I have several aircraft, which include the A2A 172 and Majestic Q400, that remain over sensitive with the elevator, even with the elevator slope/sensitivity set at the minimum of 15 in FSUIPC. Can someone offer some advice. Thanks...
  6. rockliffe

    Surely this is not correct...?

    Hey Andy, got it. Of course it make sense now! Thanks...
  7. rockliffe

    Surely this is not correct...?

    Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. Sure, I understand the concept of AI and the need for them to be fairly low in detail to save on frames, it's just that only a few are particulalry poor IMO. Anyway, getting back to your suggestion about moving the planes, or similar 'problem' planes to my desktop. How do I decipher which planes are unacceptable and which are not? Is it purely by trying to distinguish the make and model visually? Cheers...
  8. rockliffe

    Surely this is not correct...?

    Thanks mike, sure, I can't remember now which airport it was. I think it was in Orbx's southern Alaska. I am just wondering if in fact they are part of the Orbx AI ... It's unlikely because their models are pretty good, but maybe I can check... Aww, come on Burkhard, I don't wish to be direspectful so please excuse me if it comes across as that, as it's not my intention, but I think I'm reasonable to suggest these models are blooming awful, and we both know that, surely? I am not suggesting they are MTX models and so would hope you can verify that one way or another. But I have seen quite a few around, in fact they may be Orbx, but I am a little unsure, will have to check that out. Can you confirm if they are MTX or not? Cheers...
  9. Hiya, I have noticed more and more recently, some absolutely abysmal AI. The photo is a perfect example of some of these models. Can anyone confirm that they are MTX models and not some odditiy in FSX? If they are, does anyone know if I can delete or somehow update them, they truly are awful! Thanks...
  10. rockliffe

    Wobbly AI when taxiing

    Hi Andy, hmm, I thought that may well be the answer. A shame, but at least I know it's not something I can do anything about. Thanks... :neutral:
  11. rockliffe

    Wobbly AI when taxiing

    I'll try and record a video for you....
  12. rockliffe

    Wobbly AI when taxiing

    Mmm, hi Burkhard. Well, if an AI aircraft makes a turn, then the back end wobbles from side to side, that's the best way of describing it. This seems to happen at all airports...
  13. I expect I know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask anyway. Is there any way to cure the extremely unrealistic wobbling of AI traffic when taxiing? I find it really spoils the immersion when taxiing behind another aircraft and when it goes into a turn, the entire aircraft wobbles from side to side. Does this happen with all AI addons and if so why? If it cannot be cured, can it be alleviated in any way? Thanks...
  14. rockliffe

    I know, I know...still no AI though!

    Hi Burkhard, I have ground vehicles set at zero, as I understand this is correct, yes?
  15. rockliffe

    I know, I know...still no AI though!

    Mmm, thanks for the help Burkhard. I really don't get it... I mean, not so long ago I'd have to wait for TO behind two or three aircraft, on a busy weekend in summer at Gatwick, this was with AI sliders set at 30. Now I have the slider set at 40% and over a period of 20 minutes sat at the gate at Gatwick, I have not witnessed a single aircraft depart or land! EDIT: I have just seen an A320. Also, I have heard virtually no ATC either? You have IFR traffic check box checked? What check box are you referring to?

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