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  1. Bonjour Quelle est la derniere version a utiliser ? Merci
  2. Bonjour Il m'est impossible de telecharger le FSUIPC SDK car Avast m'indique un virus "Win32-Evo-gen. Merci
  3. Hello Pete I would use a byte for the status of a ten pushbuttons from several variables like :L:AB_MPL_FD" in order to recover in an FSUIPC offset. So I wrote the following LUA script : if (ipc.readLvar ("L:AB_MPL_FD") == 1 then ipc.clearbitsUB(0X66C0,1) else ipc.setbits(0X66C0,1) end This unfortunately does not work. Can tell me here I am wrong. I use masks in decimal (1,1,4,8,.....) Tank you for your reply. Raymond
  4. Hello Pete Thank you, this time problem, I recovered the value of the Lvar. :razz: Thank you Raymond
  5. OK Pete I'll try and I'll let you know. thank you
  6. Hello I seek to recover the value of a power Lvar send it to an offset of FSUIPC. I tried two different ways, namely: 1) function RUN_update(time) dot=ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_ALT_Mode") ipc.writreUB(0x66CC, dot) end event.timer(100,"RUN_update") 2) function DOT_ALT_chg ("L:AB_AP_ALT_Mode",dot) dot = ipc.readLvar("L:AB_AP_ALT_Mode") ipc.writeUB(0x66CC,dot) end event.Lvar("L:AB_AP_ALT_Mode",100,"DOT_ALT_chg") but neither of them work Can you tell me what's wrong thank you is an indication here is my script SIOC Var 0020, name OFF_DOT_ALT , Link F
  7. Hello I bought there a few times and FSUIPC3 WideFS. Today I would buy fsuipc4. On-site SimMarket I entitled to a discount. OK Should I also buy WideFS or key provided to fsuipc3 remains valid for fsuipc4 Thank you for your response
  8. With flightsim commander 9.1, how to print the roads of departure and arrival runways for departures and arrivals the same time as printing the flight plan. My first impressions were three pages with these data, now I have more than two pages without departure and arrival route. thank you Avec flightsim commander 9.1 , comment imprimer les routes de departs et d'arrivee pour les pistes des aeroports depart et arrivee en meme temps que l'impression du plan de vol. Mes premieres impressions faisaient 3 pages avec ces donnees , aujourd'hui je n'ai plus que 2 pages sans departure and arrival
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