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  1. Peter I am trying to get other programs to start up after running FSX using FSUIPC this is how ive setup after reading manual and its not starting the programs?, i have probably done something wrong would you advise me what the issue is please regards Wayne. [Programs] RunIf1=READY,KILL,F:\FSX\SPAD.exe RunIf2=READY,KILL,C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual Avionics\VAInterface.exe
  2. Thanks for that thought it was my pc ! Cheers for the record I disabled all weather via fsuipc and use opus for that now.
  3. Ill check it out today Peter thanks, yes the flicker etc does seem to be associated with the timings you present. It will be a setting somewhere ill report back when I know more. :)
  4. Peter today I had alot of stuttering and a intermitent white flicker on the top of my screen, i think it is weather generated by Opus and not fsuipc causing it. would you kindly look at my fsuipc log file there are alot of weather logs in the entry which i have never seen before just after some of your expert advice to see if you know what is causing it. Regards Wayne. ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.86 by Pete Dowson ********* Running inside FSX on Windows 7 Module base=658E0000 FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided 422 System time = 04/03/2013 02:05:12 422 FLT UNC path =
  5. Ah OK i understand now, i like the tool tips sometimes come in handy, there is no way around it then either tool tips on then get this banner or off wont get it correct?
  6. Will do Pete give me a few days as I had to buy a new motherboard so fresh install time. Also a quick one I get a blue banner come up saying taxiing and flying without ruder control may be difficult all the time any ideas? I have all settings done in fsuipc none in FSX. Wayne.
  7. Ok if i get the issue again ill get in touch. thanks for your quick response Pete.
  8. The only thing i can do is install Airbus again then send you fsuipc.ini if that helps. Wayne
  9. Pete, would you assist me I am having trouble taxiing I seem to do s turns all the time I have Saitek rudder pedals and have them setup in 4859, I know I can set it up better and have calibrated it wrong just not sure how to fix any advice would be appreciated. What slope is recommended? My settings are -16383 512 512 16384 Cheers Wayne.
  10. Enrico can you enlighten us as to what you did I am struggling with this, regards Wayne.
  11. I have the same setup as him Pete but Win 7, same version of fsuipc aswell. No prepare 3D. I removed the entire modules folder and reinstalled then replaced my ini file to the modules folder so as not to lose aircraft settings. Works again. As on my other post I installed Airbus X that's when it stopped working.
  12. Hi Peter, thanks for the reply I replaced the ini file and its all working again, it happens after I install aerosoft airbus x, so that has been uninstalled. it somehow removed the mouse look option eventhough that was ticked still in miscellaneous. Thanks Wayne.
  13. Me to same issue hope Pete can source issue tomorrow. :)
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