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  1. glad to see this was resolved; there's no link to this forum from the FSC site ;)
  2. I know there's such tool; but I haven't figured out how to use it yet supposedly you're supposed to be able to remove/inject AI with this tool or something similar to it maybe Mr. B can explain; but I think there's a tutorial on this already.
  3. Its not the area I'm concerned about, its the generality of AI traffic that keep showing up; IMHO Landmark, Orbit, etc are the lamest AI Microsoft came up with and sticks out like a sore thumb. yep LOD is good stuff; though how ugly it looks so far away vs how nice it looks up close is a staggering difference but is useful and isn't noticed that much Gonna have to crack out the simulator and find out what I find now that bowerman has been removed.
  4. ah I had the impression MSFS default planes were hard on the frames; I'm not getting great frame rates but they are acceptable at 25% traffic load I just don't find it realistic enough JMO but any more than 30% I start to have trouble in high density areas such as Flightbeam's KSFO and FSDT KLAS
  5. Yes I noticed that MTX does use the LJ, Cessna and Piper; but why not use its own rather than the ones in FSX? These are frame hitters. I still see Orbit, Global Airways and one other that are flying CRJs, 747s, etc (its less obvious at some airports) I'll have to post a screenie
  6. well I have FS9 installed but not two FSX installs I haven't used FS9 since last spring; I've been considering the day to remove it.
  7. traffic_bowerman.bgl? I thought this was related to FTX/Orbx so I left it alone; but I could try for sure.
  8. Ok I remember now; this is how I found the files the last time; unfortunately I am not so sure and could use some advice. I saved the results from the .bat file you told me to execute. I've included the file for you to review if you would kindly do so :) thanks for your efforts in answering :D Traffic_schedules.txt
  9. Ok, that's an answer I can live with; could you tell me what this tool is called? And whether it is included with MTX or not? If not, where can I get it? I know that FTX Orbx scenery do add traffic but I'm not sure it calls up the default models or not but I see the default models no matter where I go I don't have any other AI traffic addon other than the possibility of Orbx and of course the MTX product from you :).
  10. Like I'd post here if that were the case, didn't you read I already said I looked there, I didn't find and in fact removed trafficaircraft.bgl and some people had mentioned traffic_aircraft.bgl and I looked for that too; default a/c still show up I don't want them!
  11. I've searched here, I know there are topics on this; but I can't seem to readily find any; searched on the internet and found quite a bit of info but the bad news is traffic_aircraft.bgl is nowhere to be found and neither is trafficAircraft.bgl yet this is what everybody says to remove; it doesn't work and I want to remove default AI (such as orbit, landmark, global freightways, etc) I would think by removing these my frames wouldn't suffer as much; as far as default AI that are GA I'm not sure I exactly want to remove them but I might as well they are also framerate killers. Would rem
  12. so making MTX the lowest priority, will this make planes come closer to the gates then? Yeah I'm not a scenery designer I meant ADE but its been awhile so hehe; indeed I want to use FSX ADEs rather than AFCADs of course.
  13. Ok now that I managed to remove some of the BGLs; I noticed that the AI won't park all the way in/up to the stop line since the jetways can't reach them :P this is not a fault of MTX but merely the AFCAD for that scenery; I'm assuming this requires editing the AFCAD? I used to have an AFCAD editor that would let me visually see the AFCADs but there's all kinds of technical matters involved when editing AFCADs AFAIK.
  14. so what's the difference between AF2 and BR2 as far as AFCADs go? Also; I forgot to ask since I have ORBX region scenery which contains hundreds of airports; what about managing AFCAD for these? I'm going to assume most will be ok but some of the airports are pretty detailed so would probably need to disable each AFCAD one at a time.
  15. 1. my sliders aren't at 100% anymore and are now at 30% I think I still saw them even at 50% but I'll have to double check 2. Searching? Probably would've found my answer, so I'll search I usually do but figured I'd ask anyway for a quick/fast answer. (I see you answered, and thanks :)). 3. Strobes: I think I understand what you're saying I do have a widescreen monitor but I'm not sure if I'm using widescreen configs; I don't see any unusual differences that I shouldn't see other than the strobes being either in the model or in front of it on the nose or midair in front of the nose
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