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  1. Hi Simon I’m not using STB at the moment but I just wanted to say thank you for your ongoing work. I think your decision makes complete sense. Kind regards Jason
  2. Hi Dirk Sorry no. I fiddled with a few settings and gave up! J
  3. Cheers Simon. Will be in touch via PM. Jason
  4. Hi Simon Thanks for the background of the p3d version. Looks like, for the short term, I've made a boo boo buying from PCA but that's the way it goes! I'll do some more investigation on the cameras myself. If I come across anything material I'll post back. Many thanks again Jason
  5. Hi Simon Brilliant, thank you. The RealAir Legacy did have predefined HotKey's for the RealAir view system (which I don't use) and eliminating the double up has fixed it. Do you mind if ask a couple of other questions? Firstly, will PC Aviator get the p3d v2.5 version as I would be keen to buy the discounted upgrade? Secondly, the AI view in FSX is limited, can the camera in FSX be set-up to provide vertical movement not just lateral? Thanks Jason
  6. Hi Simon Many thanks for your help. I'll take a look and report back. EZDOK and I have a love/hate relationship going that's for sure! Jason
  7. It took a while for my first post to be approved and I've tried a few things since Wednesday. Bizarrely it works perfectly with the EZDOK profile I use with PMDG's 737NGX, is there something aircraft camera or EZDOK profile specific? I see a previous forum post talks about camera's in the aircraft.cfg? Many thanks Jason
  8. Hi all Just bought stb today and it's quite a super bit of software. Really impressed. I do have a frustrating issue with the AI view unfort. I suspect it's an incompatibility with EZDOK or I haven't set it up correctly. Firstly can I say that I have read the manual and searched the forum and wider internet for solutions but they don't appear to work for me. When I try and follow an AI I get a suspended view around my aircraft, which I've read could be an EZDOK world camera (which I don't use btw). I suspected it was a double up in the cameras.cfg file and sure enough I had one with HotKeySelect=5. So I set the camera defn for AI Planes to 8 to avoid the conflict but that just doesn't seem to have worked at all. Can anyone give me any more guidance. It's an extremely valuable feature and I'm really missing out. Many thanks in advance Jason
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