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  1. I'm using FSX. I have read the detais of the offset, but didn't find it very explainative. Like, how can I even read from a payload sector? Because normally, I would do this: result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Read(0x1400, 48, ref token, ref dwResult); result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Process(ref dwResult); result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Get(ref token, ref dwResult); crewWeight = dwResult;[/CODE] And when I try to run that with the 1400 offset, it simply will always read 0 or True, even though the actual weight should always be 385 KG for this sector. I've seen somthing about BitConverter, but no idea how that would work, and I couldn't find any portion of usable code about that.
  2. Hey, guys! I'm a beginner in applications with FSUIPC, and I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question but, how do I set the payload of an aircraft? The plane in question is an Embraer 195, with 3 sectores: crew, passengers and cargo. I can read and set the fuel levels, but got nowhere close with the payload. Here's what I'm doing so far, fuelwise: double targetFuel = 2134; double maxFuel = 6495.225; int formula = (int)((targetFuel * 100 / maxFuel) * (128 * 65536) / 100); result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Write(0x0B94, formula, ref token, ref dwResult); result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Write(0x0B7C, formula, ref token, ref dwResult); result = fsuipc.FSUIPC_Process(ref dwResult); This works as a charm, but I have no idea how to work on offset 1400. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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