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  1. Hello! For a LUA plug-in I need a method to determine if a macro with a name provided in a variable really exists: I want to call macros not only by a fixed name like - ipc.macro("MyMacroFile:MyMacroName") - but also by a string variable (which contains a string transferred from an hardware device) like - ipc.macro(VarMacroFilename .. ":" .. VarMacroName) But in the case that no macro with that name is defined, the LUA plug-in should execute some alternate actions (like transferring the string to the original hardware driver). Some solution can be writing a constant value to one of the FSU
  2. Hello! Some more findings: I just opened the "MytrafficGlobal.bgl" with the "AI Flight Planner" utility and received 14 error messages with "Activity level is missing or invalid". Surely you know that this parameter should be in the range 1 to 100. But in these 14 cases, including the V7-BRV, it is set to 0. I'm assuming that this is the reason why FSX shows this traffic even if the AI traffic density is set to 0 (because 0 ≤ 0 …)
  3. Hi! In the Traffic Toolbox (until today I didn't know what's that … ;-) ) Traffic Density is set to 0 %, and both checkboxes are switched off. Even in that configuration the AI traffic is not totally switched off :unsure:
  4. Hello Mr. Renk! I have a strange problem with MyTraffic X Professional 5.4 - a problem which most of the users here would not even recognize as a problem as well. My problem is, that even if I have set both traffic sliders to the far left position, there are still some aircrafts shown, for example a Mooney Bravo with the registration "V7-BRV" departing daily at 1025 from EDFH to EFKU. Yes, that's correct: I normally don't want to see any AI controlled traffic. I'm an online flying pilot, and I'm using the excellent AI models from MyTraffic for depicting other online traffic. This is managed
  5. Thanks again for your answer! Aaah, I see it, and I begin to understand a little how these things work. Until today I never needed to look there because FSUIPC works for me as it is. I'm a physician, not a programmer … :cool: Just for understanding: if I should succeed and will have developed my own solution, then this would be the appropriate place to publish for sharing it to the other users? No problem - I'm just in the planning phase and beginning to set up my FSX system, so a lots of water will flow down the rhine river until I will have time to deal with these little problems!
  6. Sorry Pete, my apologies. You have PM. :oops: Regards, Jörg --------------------------------------------------- Edit: and my next fault - I just see, that you (reasonably) don't receive PMs, I got an error massage on the browser tab with the PM. So here it is: Sorry Pete, in fact I didn't see, that you have moved my posts - you did it so fast, that I never have seen it on the original place, so I thought something with the forum software didn't work. :???: It is my fault, by looking only in the subforum I missed to see the first post appearing on the correct place, therefore I did the
  7. Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I'm using FSUIPC/FS4IPC since FS98, and it is time to say thank you, Peter, for the great tools you provide for the FS community! Now I have a wish for future development: I know that there are various taxispeed control gauges downloadable as freeware, and I'm using one of them by trying to hit little click spots with the mouse pointer. But for the optical reason I don't really like those unreal things in my virtual cockpit … On the other side, I have an unassigned joystick axis, and in the moment I don't know what to do with it. So I think, it would be gre
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