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  1. Thanks for the reply Thomas.  I had tried without the CH Control Manager but couldn't get the CH Quadrant to calibrate properly.  The first two levers actually show up in the Windows API as a single joystick with an X and Y axis (have not idea why).  The calibration would trip out when I tried to calibrate those two levers.  That's why I thought the CH Control Manager was necessary.

    This morning I started all over.  I uninstalleld CH Control Manager, reinstalled FSUIPC, calibrated in the Windows API (the first two levers still show up as a single joystick but it worked this time) and yes the problem is solved.  Thanks for your help.

  2. I have the latest registered version of FSUIPC installed.  I just installed a CH Products Throttle Quadrant and I have been struggling for days to calibrate the throttles.  

    I have calibrated the throttle quadrant device with the CH Control Manager software per the instructions.  When I do, all 6 levers show a smooth continuous change in output value as I move the levers from full back, through the detent to full forward.   When I then assigned the two left levers  to Throttle1 and Throttle2 and calibrate in FSUIPC, Throttle 1 shows a smooth continuous change in input/output as I move it from full back to full forward. But Throttle 2 doesn't.  It's input/output values increase much more rapidly to about half way of the lever movement where if maxes out at the high calibration value.   This does NOT occur if I assign the throttles to the middle two or the right two levers so this would indicate a hardware problem except that in the CH Control Manager software all 6 levers show to be operating properly and therefore would indicate this is not a potentiator problem.

    If I remove the two left lever assignments and calibrations from FSUIPC and assign as throttles and calibrated them directly in P3DV4.  They work fine.  So the problem is only within FSUIPC again indicating that this is not a hardware problem.

    Another unexpected results is that the SLOPE response curve behaves differently for any lever assigned as throttle.  The curve remains linear up to about 50% of it's travel.  The slider to change the shape of the curve only affects the top half of the curve.  Again this occurs regardless of which lever is assigned as the throttle.  If the levers are assigned as Prop Pitch or Mixture the slope adjustment acts as expected. (This may be as Pete designed it but I'm not sure why that might be the case).

     I've never seen these problems with my single throttle/no detent device I used for many years (also a CH Products device)

     I've deleted the FSUIPC.ini file and let the software generate a new one with the same results.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Hi,

    that is the reason why, when you save the flight plan, the following message appears:

    Saving Flight Plan include SID's, Star's and Transition for PMDG?


    Volker, I'm not sure I understand you response. The dialog box you quote gives me the option of "YES" or "CANCEL" (I think). So I was assuming this was asking for "permission" to save the SID's, Stars etc....which I did. But there are no SIDs or Stars

    I did note that I had not added any airways (the SID and STAR where close to each other and automatically connected). I added an airway and the STAR shows up in the FMC...the SID still does not. Does it have to do with the fact that I am not first selecting the Runway in the DEP/APP function before loading the flight plan into the FMC...I'll try that tonight.

  4. When I create a flight plan in FS Commander with appropriate SID and STAR and then save it to PMDG format I get the dialog box which reads " Saving FlightPlan include SID's, Star's and Transition for PMDG?" I select "YES".

    For example I create the following flight plan in FSC: KSEA HAROB4.HISKU PYE1.ENI MENLO KSFO and save it in PMDG format.

    But when I load the flight plan into the 737 NGX FMC I only get two waypoints, ENI and MENLO. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help.

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