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  1. Hi, it seems that with FlightSim Commander Version 9.6 Revision 9 the show position in Google Earth is not working anymore - i get attached error in Google Earth. kind regards Richard Oberwinkler
  2. Hallo Volker, zu 1.) Schade - vielleicht in einer Vers. X von FSC? zu 2.) Hab das problem aber schon gefunden - Falscher Sim eingetragen FSX statt P3D.... FSCDbManager laufen lassen und gut war... sorry mein fehler... Danke Richard
  3. Hi Volker, Ich habe zwei Anliegen: 1.) Währe es möglich "Upper Wind Charts" beim wetter anzuzeigen? 2.) Mein Splash screen geht nicht weg, während das programm läuft (dual monitor) und blockiert mir Monitor1 während FSC auf monitor 2 läuft.... 1. P3Dv2,4 2. FSUIPC 4.938* / WideFS 6999 3. FS Commander and Database Manager 6.9 Build 15 Jan 2015 4. Navighraph AIRAC 1502 Rev1 5. download version from your website 6. Operating System (Windows 7/64) Gruss Richard
  4. Hallo Volker, Danke für die Antwort - mach das auch so in Zukunft.... Grüsse aus Wien Richard
  5. Hallo, Ich hab das Problemchen das wenn ich mit PFPX einen FP speichere, und ihn dann im FSC lade, FSC mir jedesmal sagt das Waypoints are missing in the AIRAC, Ich den flugplan zwar laden - aber nicht ändern kann. Ich verwende sowohl für PFPX als auch für FSC den jeweiligen Navigraph AIRAC cycle..... Warum erkennt FSC den PFPX FP nicht an - obwohl der gleiche Navigraph AIRAC cycle installiert ist? mfg Oberwinkler Richard
  6. Hi, Thanks for this info. Now, for me personally - and please don't get me wrong here - as I'm primerely looking for the Aircarft models there won't be too much change... I must say that I only fly to/from payware airports - so i eaven take out all the other airports from your scenery folder since some cause troubles with addon scenery leaving only the traffic schedules in there.... anyway - its a great product and I love those aircraft models and paints..... and ofcourse I'll get v6.0 for the P3Dv2 integration.... (we need to support our devs... ,-)) regards richi
  7. Hi Burkhard, Thanks for your replay. I know it might be a littel premature, since your are in sort of a beta stage with this product, but could you give a litte change list for MyTraffic 6,0. ? I have MT54c for FSX and are currently runnign MT54P3D in P3Dv2,4. And to be honest I'm a littel confused about the different offers..... I was a happy customer of MT54c for FSX, then I changed to P3Dv2 (with all updates now to 2,4) and bought MT3DV54a.... but this is the version for P3Dv1..... which I installed into P3Dv2,4..... can I update that MT3DV54a to the MT54c variant of FSX? the documentation suggest I need 54a to upgrade but at the end of the day ? Is it all the same? Now what version do you recomend for P3Dv2.x? Will MT6,0 Prof. be the correct version for P3Dv2,x? so to come back to my initial request... what are the differences between MT54c - MT3DV54a - and your upcoming MT6Prof.? kind regards richi
  8. Sorry if I tune in to this a little late, and didn't read the whole forum - but if I understand you correctly then you are in late beta with MT2014 which is compatible to P3Dv2,4? If so, where you able to correct the AI lights problem with P3Dv2,4 (see AI planes for up to 80km at night?) regards Oberwinkler Richard
  9. Hi Pete, P3Dv2,4 looks really good for me - except I really miss PMDG at this party - which probably explains my OOM's in FSX..... PMDG 777 + ASN + FSG2010 + + + + Demanding Airport Addons = OOM eaven at moderate settings.... which brings me to the point of not buying any scenery anymore, because if I can't see the eyecandy - no sence of buying it then. I do believe that a full cockpit vs VC makes a huge difference........ and with the errors, well in good old FSX I had them more or less cured except the OOM's if I got a little to optimistic on my settings.... but funnily the pills (solutions) I had for good old FSX, didn't work in FSX:SE - you're right I'm sure its down to scenery/texture/traffic files - but I'm just sick and tired chasing them down - because as I said - the old cures that worked in FSX, Don't in FSX:SE - and I do suggest that some of the scenery files that where excellently written for FSX - might cause trouble in FSX:SE..... + P3Dv2,4 runns at least as stable as FSX:SE - actually a lot better...... and devs are catching up on P3D scenery, whereas for SE they are still wondering what happend to FSX...... Anyway - thanks for your help and if you fly into RW16 at Vienna 10,8nm on the Glideslope - wave out of your cockpit.... and I'll wave back..... regards Richi
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for having a look. Me personally - I'm out of Steam and back to P3D.... if only PMDG would hurry a little... :neutral: it would be a lot easyer to put FSX aside totally..... I had just as manny errors in the SE edition as in good old FSX.... well maybe VAS and FPS was a little better, however P3D is still miles away - and there is no PMDG for both of them at the moment.... so P3D it is for me... ;-) In FSX:SE I had the ntdll.dll, g3d.dll and OOM's back - so no big difference to normal FSX wherre at least I know why and how to handle them.... regards Richi
  11. But trust me, I got FSX:SE to OOM rather easy - its just the same programm as FSX........ Put heavy scenery and Aircraft - and it fails.......... I'll put my money on P3D.... :mrgreen: regards richi
  12. Hi, No problem - I just decided that FSX:SE is just a biest as good old FSX was - no big difference - except i know the old beast pretty well - and can live with those flaws. Anyway - moving back to P3D maybe I'll give it a try after a few updates again.... and with PMDG and ORBX supporting it.... regards Richi
  13. Actually FSX should not use the scenery if it is deactivated in the scenery libray..... by the way - deactivating ORBX England did not help with my g3d.dll error - still getting it flying aroud KSEA with ORBX PNW
  14. Hi, I'd like to try that - but how does one uninstall a region - orbx it seems does not offer uninstallers for their regions.... any help appreciated.. regards Richard
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