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  1. OMG Pete I am so sorry ! I found the "error" myself. It is so dump, that I nearly not would tell you, but I was always in the VC, as I tried to make the Macros. As I switched to 2d it worked again as it should. :oops: :oops: Sorry for stealing your time on this one ! Regards Frank
  2. Hi again, I am sorry, but you still misunderstand me. Maybe it is my bad english, I am sorry for this. I will try again. The mouse macros wich I created earlier are working without problems. (ok, one or the other is actualy not working, but this is not the problem as they could be from an earlier SP-Version of the PMDG) I also know, that if I install a SP for the PMDG, I have to redo the Macros. But, I can not make new ones. When I click create macro, and then return to the cockpit, clicking fx. on the NAV-Button, then the dialog for mouse macro will not pop up (this green text thing in t
  3. Hi Pete, thanks a lot for your fast answer ! 1. Yes, as I already wrote, Mouse Macros are working with the MD-11 here is the Macrofile of actions wich I already did: [Macros] Module="PMDG_MD11.DLL" 1=AutoFlight 1.1=RX63b0*X8b00 1.2=RX6400*X8bcc 2=FMSSPD=RX6300*X8b16 3=NAV=RX6430*X8bcc 4=APPRLAND=RX6440*X8b00 5=HDG=RX6410*X8b00,31 6=AFS1=RX63c0*X8b00 7=AFS2=RX63e0*X8bcc 8=FLCH=RX6490*X8bcc,31 9=PROF 9.1=RX6400*X8bcc 9.2=RX6400*X8bcc 10=ALTHOLD=RX6490*X8bcc 11=GA=RXf4f0*X8bcc 12=SD=RX4f50*Xa1cc 13=SPARM 13.1=RXda30*X8bcc,31 13.2=RXda30*X8bcc,31 14=AFS=RXf4f0*X8bcc 15=SPD
  4. I am using the MD-11 from PMDG, and resently tried to make a new Mouse Macro, but it does not work any longer. I know how to make them, as I already did a Lot of them, but now when I activate to record the Macro, nothing is happening. Newest version of FSUIPC is installed. Also the latest SP from PMDG is installed. OS is Win7 64 Bit . Kind regards Frank
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