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  1. Hi everyone, I have an external panel program which reads and writes data from FS2002. I deal with every variable and have no problem but i really have big trouble with variables starting from 0x0F1C. When i write to these adresses, sometimes it writes something wrong and sometimes nothing. for ex. WORD y = 8; FSUIPC_Write(0x0F80, 2, &y, &dw_Result); what could be the problem?Is it something related to local/global weather setting or clearing weather thing? thanks
  2. Hi pete, i have an external program using your FSUIPC variables.i have to upgrade my FSUIPC to v3.05.is there any way i could do it without registering. thanks.
  3. Does anyone know working principle of flight director command bars? I mean formulas to calculate position of the command bars?How can i learn these? thans.
  4. i've installed IPX already.as i said i can connect by IPX to win98 machine.
  5. hi, i have a problem with widefs. i have 3 computers one of which has win98.my other 2 computers have winXP.by using fsuipc and widefs i can communicate with win98 computer but i cannot connect two winXP computers to each other. i've checked versions of FSUIPC and wideFS and they all match.what can be the possible problem.can it be a problem because of wrong network settings.(i have ipx/spx and tcp/ip protocols) thanks.
  6. is there a variable for ground track in fs2002.
  7. i got the point u are talking about.i just couldnt make a conncetion between these values and command bars but as u said i have to work harder and find out what they mean. thank u very much.
  8. thanks for the reply but i am relly confused.if i have to compute FD pitch and bank values (positions of the bar) than what are the variables at 2EE8 and 2EF0 for. anyway.sorry for bothering.thanks.
  9. I read both variables u said: 0x2EE8 and 0x2EF0 for FD_PITCH and FD_BANK. my i cannot make a connection between these values and FD bars.FD_BANK value changes between -25 and +25 and it gives the difference between current heading and selected heading.but i can see no relationship between this value and command bar.and i completely cant understand FD_PITCH value. i dont expect u to tell me how FD works but i will be glad if u show me way via FSUIPC variables to determine movement of command bars.also do u have any suggestions for learning how FD works. thanks a lot.
  10. by the way is there any variable var FD collective value? i havent seen any planes using collective cue in FD but i have to use this cue for my panel. thanks.
  11. thank u very much.i could have read the doc more carefully.sorry. a little question: is there any program which i can read FSUIPC variables at the same time.(a program like FSInterrrogate by P.Liljendal) thanks again.
  12. Is there any offsets that FSUIPC have for flight director bars in PFD. How can i determine positions of these bars? I need urgent help because i am in real trouble.thanks.
  13. i am using VC++ and when reading 32bit, i used %c to read and %x to read 16bit values. so i am done for now.thanks for help.
  14. ok i got it but now i have a problem reading NAV1 frequency at 0x0350 because it is 16bit not 32bit. normally i read DME1 string by char array but it doesnt work for it. what can i do?
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