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  1. right click on folder- take ownership but even after that I find the options to do anything in the folder are lokced to read and execute only
  2. OK thanks and understood, after I posted this I realised that if this bug is present in simconnect winds then the only workaround would be to hack the LM code. The good news is that LM have acknowledged this now so hopeful they will fix it
  3. Hi Pete/John- As you may well be aware, the horrible wind direction bug is back, something which plagued FSX back in the day. Upper wind directions swing wildly making flight in the jetstream impossible. Would it be possible to reinstate the FSUIPC wind smoothing code until LM fix this? Disappointingly LM haven't acknowledged this bug in their forums yet despite plenty of posts Good health- regards Keith
  4. I have just copied and pasted my widefs serial from P3dv4 into the FSUIPC v6t keyfile, and now all working. I also changed the case of my username
  5. CFM56 thrust tables are readily available on the web, if the airifle was recreated using enginesim based on the rw data (nasa jet model) you would find that there wouldnt be enough thrust to move until a very high TLA/N1 was achieved (much like default ac). The only way to overcome this "default" issue is to set table 1506 of the airfile to an artificially high thrust level at 0mach/sea level idle N1. So of the engines max rated thrust, it is already pumping out something like %50 at idle to overcome fsims poor modelling (this thrust range would normally be seen towards the 60-70%N1). For some this isnt an issue, but I am a perfectionist and having spent quite a few hours in the BA 777 sim at Cranebank, i want my airfile to handle as close as possible to the real sim experience I have including fuel burn, this means using enginesim to model the engine and rewriting a pure airfile in the knowledge the sims friction will need to be adjusted. I suspect LM and MS wouldnt change this SIM1 value because no doubt it will break all of the 3rd party aircrafts "shared" airfiles, therefore it has been left to the table 1506 trick to keep all the addons working across the platforms. The real dilemma for us is what is the actual rolling coefficient needed? I have my own numbers from reverse engineering "known" variables but its till a ball park really.
  6. sorry Pete, I made an assumption that you were already aware the Sim1.DLL offsets were the same, was reason I couldn't come to terms with the loss! Completely understand how the move to 64bit could have changed the addresses but as Hervé says it seems to be the same.
  7. Ok thanks, will get my hex editor out and adjust sim1.dll in the interim
  8. sorry to keep harping on about this! would the LUA dynamic friction still work or is that also dependent on LM?
  9. Hi Pete, does this mean the FSUIPC4 SIM1.DLL dynamic patching is a possibility for FSUIPC5? really hope so as I have written my own airfile for my 777 based on rw thrust values, I then reverse engineered the friction coefficient to "ball park" the real GE90 engines, Taxiing in P3d v4 is like trying to roll in treacle !! regs Keith
  10. That is great news Pete, i will be one of the first to purchase or else my SimA 777 sim will be stuck in 2017! many thanks Keith
  11. Hi Pete FS9 FSUIPC 3.98 prevent external option control? when ticked what does it do? the manual is vague, does it prevent everything externally (AS6 etc) from interacting with FS9 or just certain variables?
  12. Hi Pete What exactly does this mean and do? what does FSUIPC prevent
  13. Hi Pete Yes your correct in that Aerosoft adapted their software each time a new addon came out which provided the relevant offsets they could use to drive their box. Windows cannot see the front panel buttons, I suppose they are like buttons on a printer in that they have a function but are embedded at the driver level so my guess is that a new driver would have to be made to allow windows to see the box as a USB HID. Easier to go and get the bits from opencockpits and make a newer more flexible MCP ! Thanks for your time and wisdom! Will have a trip to the other forum Kind regards Keith
  14. I was just wondering if FSUIPC could see the Aerosoft box in the buttons/axis tab and allow me to map FSUIPC macros/FSX default commands/functions to the MCP buttons? The windows driver is fine and the box works with what it was designed/released to work with aka FS9, some addon developers like PMDG LevelD produced new software to allow their product to communicate with the MCP but the newer products on the fsim scene do not design any support for the MCP anymore because it is a discontinued product. I have tried emailing the creator Andrew Mclean but he never responds either, which is a shame I had hoped he would maybe release the inner workings so that the "clever" end users could come up with some flexible alternative, this product has lots of life left in it even though it is best part of 7 years old! FSlabs produced a new app to allow PMDG 744FSx to communicate with the MCP but its quite expensive and I dont own the 744 X I would guess there are many more out there like me who just want to try and eek every last drop out of what was and still is a fabulous piece of FS hardware and thats why I popped this question to you. I have read that the MCP used FSUIPC to communicate but I dont know if that was true or not? based on what I read is the reason I asked this question ! BTW a big thanks for your continued work on the Fsim series, I only recently moved over to FSX and the 1st addon I bought was FSUIPC/widefs as in my opinion FSX cannot live without them ! Regards Keith
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