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  1. This has happened several times but not all the time. On normal shutdown of the sim, FSUIPC fails to unload from memory. The last line in the log indicates a LUA error . Any thoughts on how I may fix this? Thanx, Vic logs.zip
  2. Will do Pete. At this point, it's only a 27 second increase in load time over "fastlaunch" so it's not a show stopper. Thanx for your help, and John's Vic
  3. Well, I've narrowed it down with some success Replacing instdir and setting admin run on FSUIPC7, TIR and the msfs.bat file did not work. Setting flightsimulator.exe run as admin - same ctd so - restored and took ownership of exe.xml, FSUIPC7 and TIR - run as was set on both. Set run as on flightsimulator,exe started program from the MS Flightsimulator desktop shortcut - worked perfectly Tried it from the msfs.bat file with instdir intact - ctd set up a shortcut with just the fastlaunch cmdline entry - ctd run flightsim shortcut again - worked So it seems that I can not use the fastlaunch command in this instance. Tried the fastlaunch command with FSUIPC7 removed from exe.xml - worked just fine IF flightsimulator.exe was NOT set to run as admin.. I'll try some other combinations and see if I can narrow it down but running w/o the fastlaunch option works fine. Vic
  4. I'll give that a shot tonight. Thanx John! Vic
  5. I'll keep tinkering on and off but no joy so far. MSFS set as admin - shortly after initial screens - CTD - no entry in event viewer. Tried running it directly from the msfs icon - same. Didn't try it w/o FSUIPC entry in exe.xml file - will have time tomorrow. Adding TrackIR to exe.xml - wouldn't load with FSUIPC7.exe set as admin - it doesn't load with MSFS - no errors - just doesn't start FSUIPC on a lark, I added a trackir entry to the msfs.bat file - loads perfectly along with FSUIPC - only issue is I have to manually end it. in case I didn't mention it - it's a MS Store install to my F: drive not the default. I'll keep tinkering just on principle.. ]Vic
  6. I'll also remove everything from the community folder in case some add on is affecting the loading. I looked at the event viewer but no relevant entries. I'll play a bit, if all else fails I'll throw TIR in the exe.xml file - probably the easiest solution. I'm just curious as to why the permissions conflict. Thanx for the help - Vic
  7. ok, thanx John. I'll play around with it. If it's working for you then it's something in my configuration. I'll try to hunt it down. Vic
  8. Hmmm - ok this is with 7.04 on w10 pro if I set run as admin in compatibility for FSUIPC7.EXE - msfs loads perfectly but FSUIPC7 is not loaded if I set flightsimulator.exe to run as admin in compatibility - there's a flash when FSUIPC7 tries to load and then sim CTD if I remove run as admin from both - FSUIPC7 starts and I get 740 error on TrackIR.
  9. Thanx guys - I'll play around with it. I was unaware that 7.04 used the exe.xml. Vic
  10. In my cfg file I have these two entries: Run1=CLOSE,"E:\FS-ATC-Chatter\FS-ATC-Chatter.exe" Run2=CLOSE,"E:\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5\TrackIR5.exe" I have both properties set to run as admin In 7.02 - all is good in 7.04 I get error 740 on the TrackIR entry. I run the fsuipc batch file as admin and do it the same all the time. Uninstalled 7.04 and switched back - no errors. Reinstalled 7.04 - error is back. Not the end of the world but is there something I am missing here? Thanx, Vic
  11. Thanx Pete! I had forgotten about that, of course, that's what I did way back when. ANOTHER senior moment - they are coming faster and faster.......... Thanx again! Vic
  12. Not a problem but curious. In V6 I had many profiles. They were in the Profiles folder with the a/c l;isting in the FSUIPC.INI file. Setting up profiles from scratch in v7 I see the profiles and the a/c list are contained within the INI file. Is this by design or have I forgotten about a setting to make the profilers external. Thanx, Vic
  13. Tried again today setting up the Honeycomb yoke and all went well. Thanx Vic
  14. Thanx Pete - In all my going back and forth I must have had FSUIPC running when I deleted the ini file. Vic
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