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  1. I will be installing P3DV5 along side V4.5. Currently running latest FSUIPC V5 and have all my controller profiles set. When I do the upgrade install, I assume FSUIPC6 installer will keep my 4.5 settings. After install into P3Dv5 - can I just copy the fsuipc.ini files and profile folders? Or what is the best way to transfer the controller settings to the new version? Thanx, Vic
  2. Always when FS is not running. I don't delete the profile entry just the line 1=XXXXXX. It doesn't seem to be a problem just wondered why it would be added like that. I have noticed that once a legitimate a/c assignment is in place the added 1=xxxxxxx doesn't come back when deleted but it will stay there if not deleted. Thanx, Vic
  3. Thanx Pete! Here you go. Vic FSUIPC5.ini EDIT: Got it working! got to thinking - went through the INI file and did some housekeeping - there WERE some ambiguous substrings that could have gone to different profiles. found two strange things though 1) if I manually enter Lockheed Electra as the substring, it does not work but if I add the axis assignment through FSUIPC and THEN edit the string to show Lockheed Electra - it works. I went through all the problem a/c - added them thru FSUIPC interface and just cut the portions of the strings - worked like a charm. FWIW, I use Notepad++ as my editor and it says DOS ANSI as format. 2) I have several entries like this [Profile.Single Turbo stick] 1=Single Turbo stick [Profile.Single Turbo Yoke] 1=Single Turbo Yoke where there is a profile name followed by the #1 entry showing the name of the profile - not the name of the a/c. These occur in profiles for which I have no a/c assigned yet. If I delete them - they return so FSUIPC is adding them. Possibly designed that way, I just don't recall ever seeing it before. Anyhow, thanx for pointing me in the right direction - got it working the way I want.
  4. Sorry Pete I've got you by a few years - turned 80 in January! Yes, it did work just fine in FSUIPC4 but it does not in 5 - for me. As I tested ShortNameOK=Yes with Lockheed Electra should have worked. Vic
  5. Hi Pete - In my fsuipc5.ini I have: ShortAircraftNameOk=Substring I'm puzzled because in the profile below, each time I changed a/c I had to assign the axis again. I would have expected that the Lockheed Electra and the Carenado 500S would have been already picked up due to the substring. Obviously I am misunderstanding something. As I type this I thought of something to try - I will manually edit the list and truncate the lines to only Lockheed Electra and Carenado 500S without the added ID etc. ShortAircraftNameOk=Yes with just Lockheed Electra and Carenado 500S in the profile, when I loaded a different paint of the a/c - I had to apply the profile again. ShortAircraftNameOk=Substring with just Electra and 500S in the list - still had to manually apply the profile. I guess I'm just getting dense in my dotage. :) Thanx, Vic [Profile.Twin Piston yoke] 1=Baron 8=Lockheed Electra 10A-MCA 2=Lockheed Electra 10A-Aeroput YU-SAZ 3=Carenado 500S Aero Commander C-GAFA 4=Carenado 500S Aero Commander N120ET 5=Lockheed Electra 10A-Spanish 6=Alabeo C404 TITAN WHITE
  6. No Problem Pete. I'll dig into my system more and see if something else is causing the issue. Vic
  7. ok, I see what you're saying - I'll dig a little further. Burkhard has been recovering from an illness so there's been no changes to MYT6 for a while. My puzzlement comes from the fact that I can repeat the process with both sims and get the same results. I'll look at the Traffic Explorer and see if it provides any clue. Not a big deal, just curious. Vic
  8. Hi Pete - I have both P3d3 & 4 on the same system. I have MyTraffic6 installed in it's own location and the path is installed in both v3&4. Starting at the same location, same flight, same date and time, same % traffic. Running registered FSUIPC 4 & 5 respectively with this in the ini file: [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=100 AirportPreference=70 GroundPreference=20 NearerPreference=70 In v3 I see 6-8 AI parked next to my a/c - in v4 I see 0-2. If I change to TrafficLimit=0 and nothing else - then I see 6-8 in v4 also. Whether it's V4 or FSUIPC - I haven't a clue but there it is. Thanx, Vic
  9. Like the difference between a computer and an abacus. Prior to FSUIPC I had several standard.xml files configured to cover different a/c and different controllers. Then a batch file to switch. Just manually setting up custom key assignments was a monumental job. At 80 years old, the thought of doing that again makes self mutilation look like a relaxing pastime. What adds to the frustration, IMHO, is that many people work during the week and the weekend is when they have the blocks of free time to get things set up. LM released after the weekend and now the Simmarket hangup... What you hear is frustration - I'm sure Simmarket is doing their best. Vic
  10. What is the procedure for using the old FSUIPC4.INI file? Just copy it to the v5 folder or copy and edit the FSUIPC Version manually? Thanx, Vic
  11. LOL. Thanx Pete - will wait patiently until I get word from you! Vic
  12. http://secure.simmarket.com/pete-dowson-fsuipc5-for-p3dv4-(de_10945).phtml here you go Pete Vic
  13. Since someone had to ask, might as well be me - the price listed on SImmarket 24 euro - am I correct that this is the cost for all users including prior registered ones? Seems very reasonable considering but if I can save an extra $ or two, it's worth asking. Thanx, Vic
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