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  1. Thanks again for the additional suggestions/tips. The strange thing is I've run my application in Debug mode where I can add breakpoint and check values at any line in my application, and I dont find any problems whats so ever. However, with over 100-200 users of my application their PC systems can be quite diff. including Flight Sim version 2000 to 2004, Windows OS 98/XP Home/XP Pro, FSUIPC versions from 2.9xxx to 3.202, even languages from English to Czech, so it has been a real challenge to say the least to try to troubleshoot. In my application whenever an error occurs it will write to an errlog.txt file, but when Windows jumps in and causes error messages it is a bit hard to trap those to include to the errlog.txt file. I am just waiting for the day where it will become obvious whats happing. Thanks again! John McCormack
  2. Thank you Pete for your suggestions. I've taken a close look and am following the guidelines set forth in the Programmers Guide for FSUIPC for those two offsets, so I guess I'm at a lost for moment. I will keep digging at and try some diff. things to see if I can isolete the possible cause further. Thanks again for your suggestions and a fast reply!
  3. Hi Pete, Does FSUIPC use ntdll.dll directly or indirectly when writing data to an offset or in any other way? The reason I ask is it appears ever since I started writing to offsets 32FA and 3380 to send informational messages from my program to FS so that it appears in the ATIS text box (white text on green background) on screen, alot of users of my application are experiencing an Windows error message at random times. Such as "Active AirSource has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." It refers to module ntdll.dll at offset 0006112b. Which I am not using in my application, however FSUIPC is an intregal part of my application and was wondering if you are using it. Thanks for any assistance, John McCormack
  4. Oh ok np, thanks Pete for clearing this up. I wasn't sure if my application was going nuts once again
  5. Hi Pete, I noticed that FSUIPC v3.20 is showing as v3.153 at offset 3306, or has the FSUIPC version moved to a new offset value? Thanks! John McCormack
  6. Pete, Just in case you weren't aware, the download available at http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html is still showing as v3.08 and when I downloaded it and unzipped it, it was dates 9/19/2003.
  7. Many thanks Pete, that makes alot more sense now! Also, thanks for sheading some light(no pun intended) on the new Cabin light switch as well.
  8. Thanks for the information, will try going down that avenue and see where it leads.
  9. Never mind on this post, that's exactly what it appears I needed to do is convert the decimal value returned from the offset to a binary string and read each byte from right to left to make the determination of ON/OFF.
  10. I am having a bit of a hard time figuiring out how to determine exactly which light switch is on by simply reading the [0D0C] offset. According to the SDK the light switches are defined as follows; 0D0C 2 bytes Lights (FS2k/CFS2), a switch for each one: 0 Navigation 1 Beacon 2 Landing 3 Taxi 4 Strobes 5 Instruments 6 Recognition 7 Wing 8 Logo If somebody has some sample code written in VB that would be great. Basically I am trying to determine each of the possible light switches if ON or OFF. When testing and had all lights off except for NAV the value in [0D0C] = 33, when I used the "L" key to switch everything on the value was 1023. Does the value of the offset just need a conversion like Decimal to Binary? Thanks! John
  11. So I take it that there is no way of telling through the use of FSUIPC what the autopilot settings/values are then?
  12. Does anyone have any idea how and where the autopilot information is being stored for PSS aircraft. All my aircrafts I've tested all return correctly all the autopilot information (eg. Nav Hold, Alt Hold, Hdg Hold, including values for Alt, Hdg, Speed, etc.) except the PSS ones?? Thanks, John
  13. Hi Pete, Is there offsets in v3.04 that I may have overlooked that has been identified for just the aircraft manufacturer and aircraft model information (eg. Bombardier, Learjet 45) as apposed to the aircraft title at 3D00? 3D00 256 Name of the current aircraft (from the “title” parameter in the AIRCRAFT.CFG file). Valid for FS2K only. Thanks, John
  14. Thanks I will use what works! This is my first week programming using FSUIPC, so I am stumbling a bit at the moment. But, hopefully I will be able to get use to it enough where I can proceed without havings so many elementary questions. Thanks again! John McCormack
  15. Thanks Pete I will give that a try and no I don't think VB is a bad language just I must be a bad VB Programmer, even though I've been programming for 20 years now and using VB since 1995.
  16. Hi! I am trying to write my program access key 12 bytes to offset &H8001 so users of my application wont have to manually enter the key in to register the application. And it appears to be working because I am not getting the popup message in FS2002, but it appears to be an error in FSUIPC log. If it is just incorrect only and informational in the log, that's fine with me, I just wanted to make sure all users of my program will not experience any problems that I haven't seen. VISUAL BASIC 6.0 CODE ("123456789012" is where my access key is): If FSUIPC_WriteS(&H8001, 12, "123456789012", dwResult) = False Then MsgBox "FSUIPC Freeware Key was not successfully written" FSUIPC_Close FSUIPC_Open = False Exit Function End If LINE FROM FSUIPC.1.LOG: 3864547 WRITE0 (failed, read-only!) 8F8001, 12 bytes: 4D 58 4B 56 49 4F 4C 32 4F 35 4C 53 Thanks for reading post and any feedback is welcomed! John McCormack Active AirSource (http://www.air-source.us) Application Developer
  17. Thanks Pete and certainly NP at all, I can perfectly understand how busy you must be! I'll get back to you if I don't find a work-around in the next several weeks. And the next time you take a break, drinks are on me
  18. Hi, I am wondering if there are any offsets that can be used in the latest UIPC version to obtain the same type information for ATC and GPS that the AutoSave module captures in the .FLT file? The following is an exerp from the .FLT file; The rows beginning with "*" are the ones that I am most concerned with trying to find offsets for, but the more info I can find the better. [ATC_Aircraft.0] * AcState=ACSTATE_REQUEST_TAXI_CLEARANCE_OUT_VFR_ATIS * AcTaxi=ACTAXI_NONPROGRESSIVE AgentTracking= ActiveVFRAirport= * NumberofWaypoints=0 * NumTaxiRoute=0 ClearanceFlags=0 CtCur=CLEARANCE_NONE * WaypointNext=0 * AltCleared=-1 HdgAssigned=-1.000000 SquawkAssigned=4608 * LandingSequence=LANDING_NONE * DepartureRequest=DEPARTURE_VFR_REQUEST_NONE * ParkingRequest=PARKING_NAME_NONE * PatternLeg=PATTERN_LEG_NONE RunwayIndex=-1 ParkingIndex=-1 * FlightFollowing=FLIGHT_FOLLOWING_NO AirspaceTransition=AIRSPACE_TRANSITION_NONE BVAirspaceTransition=BV_TYPE_NONE BVAirspaceTransitionReq=BV_TYPE_NONE * TaxiRouteCurrent=-1 * TakeoffSequence=TAKEOFF_SEQUENCE_NONE LandingSequenceNumber=-1 AgentHandoff= AircraftSignature=1,0 [GPS_Engine] * Filename=FLIGHTS\MYFLTS\St Petersburg-Clearwater Intl to Orlando Intl position=N33* 38.81', W84* 24.37', +001039.20 Time=77033 TimeWP=119701 ArriveTime=553 * CountWP=4 * NextWP=1 * PlaneStarted=True WpInfo0=127, 0, 1066, 0, 45450, 56948.9, 0.0, 0.0 WpInfo1=536, 0, 1066, 0, 0, 0.0, 199.9, 0.0 WpInfo2=534, 0, 1066, 0, 0, 0.0, 161.1, 0.0 WpInfo3=535, 0, 1066, 0, 0, 0.0, 95.8, 0.0 CountFP=1 Many Thanks! Also any hint on availablity of the 16th SDK? John McCormack
  19. Hi Pete, Thanks for the very quick reply! I discovered I was using the wrong type variable, I changed to a Long Integer and the value returned showed 12978711. So the formula that I used to convert this to GS Knots is as follows; Long32Bit = 12978711 (this is the value returned from offset) GS = Long32Bit / 65536# GS = GS * 3600# / 1852# The above resulted in GS = 384.96 which appears to be correct according to the GPS window shown in the a/c. I've tried diff. speeds and it seems to be accurate. If you see anything incorrect with the above formulas, please let me know and thanks again! John McCormack
  20. Hi, I am trying to retrieve the Ground Speed shown in the GPS, and the only offset I found in the FSUIPC SDK was located at offset (02B4), 4 bytes, "GS: Ground Speed, as 65536*metres/sec. Not updated in Slew mode!" During a flight where I was showing 385GS in the GPS, the value returned at this offset location was 1297.9 I am not clear on how to convert the value to knots based on the description. If somebody could show me an example of what formula to use for the conversion, I would surely appreciate it. Thanks in Advance! John "YankeeFan" McCormack
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