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  1. Hi, Just to let you know everything runs OK (besides some traffic on Amsterdam that doesn't belong there :lol: ) Thanx for the help Ronald
  2. Please disregard, I just run it again (now from the FS2004 Root) and it is running now, hopefully everything goes OK Ronald
  3. I tried to run the batch file but then get this error : E:\FS2004\MyTraffic>trafficbat.bat E:\FS2004\MyTraffic>TrafficDataBaseBuilder /airports=MyAirports.dat /AircraftTy pes=MyAircraft.dat /Routes=MyRoutes.dat /autoroute=no /output=Mytraffic.bgl MyAircraft.dat(0): error: Unable to open aircraft type data in MyAircraft.dat E:\FS2004\MyTraffic>copy MyTraffic.bgl ..\scenery\world\scenery\MyTraffic2.bgl The system cannot find the file specified. E:\FS2004\MyTraffic>
  4. Hi, Yesterday I bought and installed the FS2004 version of MyTraffic. Installation went OK (into my e:\FS2004) but after starting FS2004 no AI traffic is there, only the default MS FS2004 stuff. In the aircraft list all MY aircraft are shown. I think I still must do something (slide in Options - Traffic is set to 75 %) but what ?. Thanx for the help. By the way, I only looked in EHAM (Amsterdam), but this should be covered I assume Ronald :(
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