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  1. Pete if you do 'nslookup fsuipc.simflight.com' at a DOS prompt then it will show you which IP address the domain is resolving to, sing whichever DNS server is setup on your machine. For me it was not returning an IP address hence I was unable to connect. This is ISPspecific, I am my own ISP btw. i will give my DNS' servers a kick later and see if I can find out why they cant resolve the url. I have a few other servers in datacenters so used one of them to grab the file. Regards Alex
  2. Peter The links in the posts above don't work for me as the fsuipc.simflight domain dosnt resolve:-( I have managed to grab the file using another DNS server Thanks for the help Alex
  3. Hi all Anyone know what happened to this utility? All of the download links I have found are broken Thanks Alex
  4. Hi all Can anybody point me in the direction of some information on writing modules for FS2002/2004? I am after the basic framework for a module and some understanding of what functions FS calls within the module and when. Thanks in advance Alex
  5. Ah found the answer I think - Set the Zulu time seems to do it
  6. Anybody know if its possible to set the FS time (Fs2002) and then somehow force a scenery reload? I have been playing around with FSInterrogate and can set the time ok but end up sitting on 27R at EGLL with the sun shining at 23:00 ! Thanks Alex
  7. Pete Thanks I will give it a go Alex
  8. Ok Possibly daft question, Does anybody know of a way to force FS (2000, 2002, 2004) to start and stop recording a video from an external program? Thanks Alex
  9. Peter I am trying to provide an elegant method for my. 100% freeware, application to gracefully inform the user that its not accredited with FSUIPC. It seems to make sense to do it in my application as the user has to connect it to FSUIPC. When the user connects I want to pop up a dialog explaining why the connect failed. As It stands I am connecting, reading the year, if this fails sending my reg code and then attempting to re read the year. This seems to work fine. In no way am I attempting anything underhand regards Alex
  10. Peter Thanks for the prompt reply. I am currently checking year to see if that is zero and if so assume my app is not accredited. I think a location to read would be a good idea, perhaps the the validity pattern could be used? Regards Alex
  11. Apologise if this is a daft question but I have looked through the documentation I have and can't find an answer at the moment. Is there a way to check if an application is accredited with FSUIPC? I would like to check when my application starts and not allow it to continue. Thanks in advance Alex
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