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  1. This is not the purpose of using the weather display. When you plan a flight, you need to know the exact weather as it will be in the sim in order to go for the right RW, SID and STAR. The same procedures are used with professional dispatching software such as LIDO or flightplanners such as FliteStar. Their weather display is for planning purposes only, not realtime weather monitoring.
  2. Yes and no -> the gauges can read FS flightplans as well. I think it would be sufficient if there was simply a possibility of saving FSC created flight plans to the ISG flightplan directory. As for the other ideas, I have written Sascha a private message in German (our native language) explaining the whole thing in detail and in order to prevent further misunderstanding due to language issues.
  3. You misunderstood me - the point is not to have the most recent real weather displayed, but the weather FS will actually depict. When loading archived weather into the sim, FSC will display the real weather, not the loaded weather. If FSC could be pointed towards the AS metar file, this would be a great improvement as a) FSC would display the same REAL weather as would be used in FS and b) FSC would be able to display archived weather loaded into the sim. And while you are at it, please make control areas appear/pop up when hovering over them, not just their borders, and add an export function for Integrated Simavionics (just the option of adding a directory, no need to convert anything).
  4. Why is there no possibility to import the AS weather data? This would make a lot of sense to all AS/ASA users.
  5. Could you please enable a parameter in the ini file that allows setting of the active range? Sometimes on approach being number two for landing the aircraft ahead is just too far away to be zapped out of the way, but due to the taxiway layout it might not be able to clear the runway in time, so ATC waves me off. I would like to have this range extended to 2.5 or even 3nm. Another thing: with high traffic settings at busy airports it happens quite often that there's someone on your six on final, possibly faster than you are. It would be great if the Zapper could "auto-zap" these attacker from the rear once they get too close, say 1.5nm. Now if that feature could be extended to AI-aircraft, we could even loose those odd double approaches sometimes seen on busy airports.
  6. Sounds exactly right - I'm sure more users will apprechiate this than you think
  7. Disregard the "add fuel" thing, I got an email of the person who mentioned that to me earlier stating that he had mistaken. Sorry for causing confusion, what I would want FSUIPC to do is to prevent any increase of the fuel ammount. When passing by a fuel station there must be something that "tells" the aircraft "you now have full tanks". It would be great if FSUIPC could disable this option so that the menu would be the only place where fuel could be added to the a/c.
  8. No, there has never been such an option Sure, but that would have a rather negative impact on flying... To change fuel levels one does not need any external programs. However, a lot of AddOn aircraft with complex FMC devices get completely lost calculation-wise when after all data has been calculated such an important value as the fuel ammount (and thus weight) changes. Other AddOns as FSpassengers will simply not allow the user to change the fuel ammount. If they detect such a change, the mission gets cancelled and the user punished for a tampering attempt. I agree, but then again we did not have add on software that would mind Unfortunately, this too doesn't work as they appear to be hard-coded into the sim. As you can see, I lay all hope into your skilled hands. How would it be to have the "add fuel" function disabled whenever the parking prakes are NOT set? BTW, thank you for looking into this :)
  9. I already did, it looks like it's not possible by normal means. Especially on smaller airfields it is sometimes impossible to taxi far enough around them. So there is no way to disable the "add fuel" thingie via FSUIPC?
  10. Is there a way to prevent gas stations from filling up the tanks automatically? Some sort of key assignment that "locks" or "unlocks" the tanks? It happens way too often that taxiing by a gas station secretly refills the tanks, and then scrambles the entire flight planning...
  11. Please disregard, reinstalled Flight Star and now it works. Sorry for raising dust...
  12. After upgrading to Flite Star 9.140 I can no longer use FStarRC to export flightplans to FS2004. FliteStar exits with a "fatal error". Is anyone using FStarRC sucessfully with this version of Flite Star?
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