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  1. I do have one problem Volker, Upon trying to Register the Product I get an Invalid Code. I purchased from PCAviator and not SimMarket so I had to use the serial number that came with the Invoice. How do I get a new Key Code? Thanks Eddie
  2. Hi Volker, everything went Great. Thanks for your Help and making an Awesome Program for Flight Simmers....Eddie
  3. Thanks for the Reply Volker. Will report back when finished to let you know how it goes...Thanks Eddie
  4. Hi Volker, Sorry fot the confusion on my part. I'm running FSX , FSUIPC Registered Version, FSC version 9.2 Build 02 May 2012, Navigraph AIRAC cycle 1613, Using the downloaded version ,Windows 7/64 and 1 monitor
  5. I had FSCommmander updating AIRAC cycles with Navigraph Data Manager. Upon noticing it wasn't automatically updating itself I manually downloaded the AIRAC cycle from Navigraph and installed into FSC. Upon opening FSC I can get to the airport window but any more clicks and goes FSC Not-Responding. How can I fix this and get my program back to working. Thanks for Any Help...Eddie
  6. I'm Not guessing about anything Pete. Ive had the same name since I was born, and using the same email address since I started using a computer 20+ yrs ago. I also have the printed invoice receipt from SimMarket that has the Serial Number Key which was entered as it appears on the Invoice. As for the SimMarket account I have a book of every web page that I join with an ID and Password. True, its been a few yrs since I've had any use to access it so that may be the reason that I cant Log In. Name= Edward Harper email= edwardharper@fuse.net
  7. I had to format and do a clean install of Windows 7 and FSX. I had a copy of my FSUIPC registered Version and upon installing it says that Key is not a valid registration key. I went to simmarket and tried to access my account but something screwy going on as I couldn't access account. Invoice Number 837349 Order Number 837349 Invoice Date 02/11/2012 Customer ID 180142
  8. Hi Volker, What is the proper procedure for installing Ver 9.4 from 9.2? Do I need to upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3 to 9.4 or can I go directly to Ver 9.4 ? Thanks Eddie
  9. Bless You flibinite You at least put me onto the right track My ini.file didn't have a number after it so I put a 1 and Lockheed Martin Prepare 3D came up instead of FS 2004 .I went back and put a 2 after the fsx and everything is working Great.... Thank You so Much For Your Input.......Eddie :neutral: :neutral:
  10. What Folder within FSC9 do I find or determine if the fsc.exe is set to 1 or 0 so the Database Mgr will load the correct FSX Files. Thanks Eddie
  11. I've Installed FS Commander 9 as per the instructions in the link you provided earlier for Windows 7 users. I uninstalled the program so I could start with a clean install. I ran a registry cleaner after uninstalling the program. Unchecked the Hide File Type in Windows Explorer. I Re-installed the program. Right clicked on the exe. file and ran as Admin. Within the install program it says "you Have Correctly Chosen The PATHS For FSX. Press Update Button Now". I pressed update button and get that the program has completely been installed. No Matter If I right click, double click the icon to start the program I get the message " Databases For FS 2004 Missing or Incomplete. Please Choose Different Flight Sim Version Or Run Database Manager First, as I have run it multiple times. I do not have FS9 even installed on this computer and have no way to select a different Flight sim version as when I click OK the program terminates......Hope this is more understandable for you. Thanks Eddie
  12. Thanks Volker for the reply. I installed as per the instructions for windows 7 but when I get to the Explorer menu to suppress extensions of known file types my Explorer window only shows Organize/ Folder and Search Options/ General/View/ Search. I've opened all these windows and looked for Display and Advanced Options but can't seem to find what I need. Any Suggestions. Thanks Eddie
  13. I had to install a new OS along with FSX and all the addons. Upon reinstalling FS Commander 9 I get the following message "Databases for Flight Simulator 2004 missing or incomplete. Please choose different FS Version or run DataBase Manager first". I don't even have 2004 installed on my system. In the database mgr window I Get "You Have Correctly Chosen The PATHS For FSX Press Update Button Now. I've done this several times and always the same screen shows up about FS 2004. Any Help Greatly Appreciated. I'm running Window 7 Pro 64bit.....Eddie
  14. Thanks Pete and AndyDigital for your suggestions. I'll certainly try them and see how it goes. I've used Extreme FSX PC periodically over the last year. I'll discontinue using it . Is it true that if I delete the FSX.cfg file that upon starup of FSX it will make a clean copy? Thanks for your Help....Eddie
  15. I'm having some Saitek Yoke and rudder problems with them retaining their settings. I'm not implying that the FSUIPC Update caused the problem but that's when I started having the problems when I had to update my Registered version Of FSUIPC. Some of the buttons on my yoke have to be programmed before each flight as they arent saved within FSX. If i apply the differential Brakes they release but the brakes light in the bottom left corner stays on and I have to reset the Parking Brake before it will go off. I've deleted all references to the brakes in the buttons and keystrokes, restored to default and deleted again to see if something was missed. my last flight the Axis on both the yoke and rudder pedals became opposite of what they should be. When I start FSX I'm prompted to run each module and gauge that is associated with that aircraft as when I first installed it. I'm prompted to run FSUIPC.dll each time I load any aircraft. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction as to what I need to do to start having Fun again.............Eddie I DL a copy of the pdf file from simsamurai on How to program settings using FSUIPC but waiting on doing that to see if I can get strightened out otherwise.
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