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  1. I wasn't sure about distance so I just checked. Seems to be at all distances. Thanks, George Stoddard "bigun"
  2. I just installed the SP2 update. I noticed that several of the aircraft (ATR etc) still have props that aren't turning while moving. I know this was brought up some time ago. I am doing something wrong with the install? Thanks, George Stoddard PS the update looks great!
  3. The ATR72MY textures seem to be missing and the props are not turning. George Stoddard "bigun"
  4. Maybe I'm missing something but how do you change the AI time period in My Traffic 2006? I see the "Select AI Year" in the menu choice but clicking on it just opens up the main FS folder? Thanks, George Stoddard "bigun"
  5. One thing I have always found strange is the poor frame rates I get at KATL vs. ANY other major airport. This is with any of the traffic addons (own them all and My Traffic is still the best by far) 8) For example, I run My Traffic 2.1 and FS Live now (which I think is fantastic) and at KATL I get lower frames rates with AI set at 50% then I do at KLAX or KSEA with AI set at 90%. Go figure? This is with default airports. George Stoddard "bigun"
  6. Thanks Don, I'll check it out. George Stoddard
  7. Burkhard, I have purchase FS Live Traffic and also the upgrade for My Traffic 2004 2.1 (couldn't wait for the patch file, your program is too good :D ). I know they are compatible but do I have to change/remove any of the Mytraffic bgl files that were already created or do they work together with FS Live Traffic. Thanks for any help you can give me. George Stoddard "bigun"
  8. Just curious, is the "traffic.bgl" still used with My Traffic 2004 installed or can it/should it be deleted?
  9. I have purchased the full version of My Traffic 2004. I am running XP w FS2004. Problem is when I install, it goes through the installation process until right at the end and then I get the following warnig: Fatal Warning The file found is neither the original sound file not the one patched by MyTraffic. It appears to be modified by you or another addon, so this modification is likely to overwrite this or fail completely. This installation terminates therefore. Please either reload the original file from 10voices.cag on CD1 of FS2002 or refer to the manual for alternate installation options. The only option I have available is a "Cancel" button. I am running the English version of FS2004 and don't have 2002 installed any longer. Can't find anything in the manual that addresses this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. George Stoddard
  10. Have ya'll tried the full screen, windows, full screen moves without running any of the add-ons. Mine gives me the same black screen even without running any of the add-ons. I found a cure that works for me. use the "Windows" key on your keyboard if you have on. I start FS2004, then I use the windows key and start FS Meteo. Then I can maximize the FS2004 taskbar icon and get back into full screen mode. Works like a charm for me. Give it a try. George Stoddard
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