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  1. I have the current version of FSUIPC, I have Windows 8.1, the current version of FSC 9.6, same with the database manager. I use Navigraph for my AIRAC cycles, and the most recent of those which is 1505. Also it is the download version from your website.
  2. I'm having trouble getting flight plans to save, I've tried setting the fsx directory in both fsx flight plan folders. I've also set the default as the FSX main folder. I've even set it as the desktop, and the plans don't seem to be saving. What have I forgotten to do? I've recently updated to the new version, it's been almost a year since I used FSX at all.
  3. Manok101

    mapping question.

    I had looked earlier, but I missed the option, and could only see the options in the places I had tried it.
  4. Manok101

    mapping question.

    What I did was: Axes assignments, then twirled the hat switch so that would be what I was dealing with, then clicked on control sent when range entered: Pan View, Is any of that or all of that wrong?
  5. Manok101

    mapping question.

    What settings do I use for setting the pan view axis? I can't get it to work this way.
  6. I found a pdf that explains that for the hat switches to use pan view, and the various degrees for the parameters, but this setup reacts very sluggishly, is there another view option that works as well?
  7. I have seen over and over that registering my joysticks controlls in FSUIPC will counteract the windows 8 issue, however I did so, and it STILL loses connection, and will not function, so any idea on what my problem is? Can you calibrate the joystick without changing the default settings? Edit: buttons apparently don't loose connection, just the axies.
  8. Manok101

    So how do I do this?

    Well, I it did say that FSUIPC did it and not FSX, I thought I was clear, but apparently not. Thanks.
  9. I was watching a tutorial flight for an aircraft, and the person stated that you can save at a gate, and start up where you were last, is this true, and how do I do it?
  10. I have a valid key, and can send it to you, and can't seem to get it to work in P3d, I may have solved "fingers crossed" the joystick issue though, it seems to have something to do wit REX E+O. Not entirely sure yet, I just fooled around, and will report back as soon as I have a chance to do a short flight. Apparentlly if you have REX, you need a seperate key for P3d, and this seems to cause issues.
  11. I recently upgraded to win 8, and am having a joystick issue, where the joystick will cut out randomly, and then randomly cut back in. Mostly though it just cuts out and then stays cut out. It is a brand new joystick, just bought it last week, I haven't had time to do anything to it, and the only thing I have not tried, is installing the full version of FSUIPC into prepar3d,and I'm just wondering if I need a new license for P3d? I've tried, deleting the old registrations, and using new ones, but nothing has worked. Maybe smoeone here has an idea of how to fix my joystick issue?
  12. I want to add some aircraft that are not on the default list, and had the idea of maybe going through the cfg files or something and finding it there if they aren't listed in documentation or wiki, what woiuld be the best way of finding specific aircraft information?
  13. Manok101

    FS Commander causing FSX to hang?

    So sorry forgot about that. I run FSX with acceleration, fsuipc 4.853, the areosoft version, windows 7 64 bit
  14. This only happens when connected to FSX, and I was wondering what I could possibly be doing wrong? This only started happening over the last couple of months. I've had it for awhile and cant think of what I might have done that is messing with the program.
  15. I was trying to do a real world flight from KSFO to LFPG, and basically it gives me this route that doesn't look real or even possible with any aircraft, and basically takes me up the west coast, then across the pacific, then, across the atlantic. How do I get it not to do this? Or am I misunderstanding something? I've got the 9.0 version of the Areosoft download. FSX Acceleration as well.

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