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  1. I am happy to report I found the culprit: EZDOK. EZDOK has a menu option to configure joysticks (really to tell the program you have a joystick). Its very simple menu and has just two options. Its probably there for the user to be able to assign EZDOK camera views to joystick buttons. One of the menu options is a check box with the (now) very telling label "HAT switch as button". Checked the box and voila, hat switch is now obediently following FSUIPC commands and nothing else. Thank you for your suggestion re the console mode, which helped me determine that FSUIPC was not the cause of my problem. This is now solved.
  2. Is there a chance I could have ended up doing BOTH? i.e. assigning the hat to the pan view from within FSUIPC axis assignment tab AND assigning buttons via the buttons tab? If so, how can I check that?
  3. Thanks Pete. Nope, what I want is to assign certain key presses to control the radar cursor on that particular aircraft. Basically some simple combinations of letters with the shift key (such as SHF+e). Forgive me for stating the obvious (to help define the problem): the key combinations I plan to use are already defined in FSX and work well to achieve my particular purpose in that particular aircraft. If i use them via the keyboard, the radar cursor moves as intended. Also, I am able to assign those specific combinations of key presses to joystick buttons via FSUIPC, and I am able to make them work. So FSUIPC can interface between my controller and FSX. The problem appears with any of the two hat switches (one in the throttle, the other in the joystick). They seem to "retain" the default panning view behaviour which is installed by defect when the controllers are connected. I get both, panning AND the key presses defined within FSUIPC. So I cannot remove the panning view behaviour even after removing it via the FSX menu for Controls. I would end up having both: a key command press via FSUIPC and the "default" panning view. Very weird!
  4. Two weeks ago I downloaded and installed I registered a FSUIPC version. The latest one (4.80). Have FSX with a HOTAS Warthog and a Milviz F-15. I am trying to assign key commands to the throttle hat switch in profile mode to go with my F15. Go to FSX Controls, look for the command assigned to the hat switch, its the pan view (not sure the name), delete the joystick assignment and return to FSX. Go into FSUIPC, keys assignment, select each of the hat switch cardinal points positions, select profile mode to restrict the key presses to this particular profile, and assign key presses to each of the 4 (up, down, left and right) positions. Exit FSUIPC and back to FSX. Go back to FSX and try to use my now expertly set new keys assignments. No joy, pan view its there. Go back to FSX controls and the joystick assignment for the hat view and check its really deleted. Does not show up there. Go back to FSUIPC and check the key presses are properly set. They are. Other keys programmed and assigned to buttons in my HOTAS Warthog work flawlessly, in general and profiles modes. Am I missing something about this button?. Hat switches seem to be special for windows.,. I am sure someone else has found similar issues? (Selecting "ignore controls" within FSX does nort seem to do the work either, but just tried this once...). Is there any way to tell FSX to consider my hat switch as normal buttons? Thanks for any help.
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