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  1. Hi , ok will let you know, under the current 9.1, which i am using now the folder is pointing to GE\client under window-options online so why would this change in the upgrade to 9.2? or indeed not change, i will post back. Regards Shukan
  2. Good Morning, found a problem that the GE option is greyed out in the menu window when you connect to FSX and want to watch your flight plan, worked fine in 9.1 but when i upgraded to 9.2 this is what i found , i have gone back to 9.1 and works fine, any suggestions. Regards Shukan.
  3. Hooray , i have sorted it !! i did not realize that you had to load the flight plan in at the FSX start up screen! as i was using the PMDG plane all information was configured from the FMC from a saved panel state for that particular airport / flight plan, not realizing that poor old STB did not have a clue what the flight was about hence the grayed out tab although it was showing on the status board with ??? and correct flight number/airline ??? which was one part i was confused with i did not see this in the help manual so might be worth inclusion for newbie,s like me if it is not already there of course. . Exellent add-on which looks good on the large screen plasma as a dedicated display for STB whist flying FSX.
  4. Ok , Point 1 :User Flight" followed by "Configure Schedule and Flight Type" is grayed out so i cant input information in there. Point 2 : Call sign same as what is in the FSX startup screen for that particular aircraft in this case PMDG737_700 NGX : Transavia.com call sign Transavia Point 3: UT2 aircraft are fine , my custom daily scheduled database is also fine with aircraft showing with logo and scheduled information for departure and and arrival . Thanks.
  5. Good morning Simon, thanks for the reply i will come back to you in reference to the above 3 points , but i am creating the flight plan via FCommander 9 and saving .pln which resides in the default my docs /fsx files/ so i was guesinfg that as you have hinted at that the flight plan is not been read and indeed i have had a quick look at STB for user flight input as said ill come pack to you with what i have found. Thanks .
  6. Good evening, can you look at this crash file report(Flight Data) , my flight does not show up on the board in the from and to column it does show flight number and airline that i have configured for this (PMDG737NGX) Transavia.com but with no logo , all other logos work for UT2 departure remarks are correct aircraft and registration, etc, are correct i have noticed any added aircraft to UT2 using my custom data base logos do not show either so basically i am getting corrupt flight data when i want to view my own aircraft, and partial information for my added aircraft within UT2. Thanks crash.txt
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