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  1. Hi Ruud, First of all I have to give you credit for putting so much time and effort into your products. I have been using it for more than a year now and I enjoy it very much in conjunction with FSGlobal2005. But now I have to write some frustration of from me: Either I do not understand the offer you have on your website now or the previous customers of FScene software have paid too much in the past.... In 2005 I purchased all worldpackages @69 euros a piece. So I invested more than 270 euros (plus simmarket charges for download guarantee). And this is what makes a bit bitter about this f
  2. Thanks for your very quick response (stopped the clock at 20 minutes :) ) Going to purchase Night Textures soon! I like flying long hauls, so I often end up in the night. And I never really thanked you for your product! Although my wife never liked the idea of spending so much money on Flightsim addons which I had to compromise with taking her out for dinner at the same amount (so you know in which type of restaurant I had to go), I still enjoy it every day. Together with FSGlobal2005 I think I have purchased a very good combination. Regards, Ferry
  3. Hi Ruud (or maybe somebody else has the answer), Just to clarify this one. As you say FScene has not built any night textures (except for USA-Canada free zip file) so I could easily purchase the Night Textures package and install without loosing FScene elements? I own all 4 FScene worldpackages and FSGlobal2005, so I was looking into completing 'my world'... Thanks for your response!
  4. :lol: Just noted somebody else posted a similar question on the forums of Avsim and you gave the same response, copy + pasta... :lol: Looks like you and I (and many many others) are forum addicts :)
  5. Ok, Now I am completely lost at FScene.com. I love the product together with FSGlobal2005, but I get completely lost with those patches. Today I saw another topic on Avsim that FScene has new patches for registered users. They only link to FScene.com, but where to go? Where to register? Or is this automatically done when buying at Simmarket? The only thing I see is the screaming advertisements of FScene when the product already sells itself. Please could somebody help me out with this one. I bought the following: 06 April 2005: Worldpack Summer 26 April 2005: Worldpack Spring 06 May 2005
  6. Thanks Jeroen, I just found the fs_seasons.doc and was reading this one through. It says the following: Additionally, in countries containing several climate zones, the seasons.bgl file allows different areas to display different seasonal variations at the same time of year. For example, in FS2002, whilst the Victorian Alps in Australia display snow textures in July, the much warmer inland climate of central Australia is represented by spring textures. So that basically gives the answer. You were just ahead...I purchased the spring package today. I will wait for Autumn & Winter next mon
  7. Hi, I noticed on the FScene pages that the patches offered are mostly for the parts of the Worldpacks. Since the Worldpacks are based on the others and came later than the smaller packages of FSscene my question is the following: Are there any patches advised for the FScene Worldpacks (any season)? And if so, which one should we download? Thanks for your advice! update: I bought Summer Worldpack 26th March 2005 and Spring Worldpack on 26th of April...
  8. Hi, It took me a while to figure out the best title for this subject. And I was not quite sure on what keys to look for in the search functionality I am curious about the following. After having used FScene in FS2000 & FS2002, I recently bought the FScene Summer World Pack. As I live in the Netherlands, I am close to be in summer, so I will see the textures soon enough. However, what will happen if I fly to South Africa? Overthere it is Winter. How is this supported in FSscene? I believe that FS9 will still think it is spring today. So normally you will get the spring textures in South
  9. I have provided an overview about the way I use goflight and FSUIPC, maybe this gives some help: in Dutch in English Regards, Ferry
  10. Hello Pete, Thanks for your reaction and help! Programming the FSUIPC and WideFS was something I had done months ago and never paid attention to it anymore. Because it worked pretty well. I did not remember anymore to use the RWoff RWon commands, but knew it was something small. From the old WideFs config file I noticed I used the keystrokes commands, which seemed to work, so i was looking to use that again. As said I had not updated the config files for a long time, so I forgot most of the settings. Why fix it if it ain't broke :-) ? I was browsing through the manuals, but most likely I o
  11. Dear all, Recently I updated my WideFS Client and Server applications by the new version. However I forgot to make a copy of the WideClient Configuration Settings (wideclient.cfg file). If I remember correctly I had made adjustments in this file about the use of Actionkeys. However I cannot recall the commands I used and I find troubles understanding the manual. Could somebody help me to start this up again? I have initialized the following: - On my CH Yoke I have assigned a button to start Roger Wilco. I use FSUIPC button assignment to push the Scroll Lock button (this works) - In my wid
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