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  1. Hello Peter yes i had change theShift+E to single E, if i remember well to avoid problems with engines i had before. I just tested the 1st option with Toggle Aircraft Exit and it works! Thank you very much for your reply, i feel bad, because i had search these toggle values for string exit or doors, but i didn't see the aircraft exita Regards Eddie
  2. Hello Peter, how are you? After 10 years working with my cockpit, i had an idea to install a small TFT screen left to Captain's seat to control Squawkbox, Weather, Charts, etc. When i installed i remembered that i have seen in Widefs manual the option to have a screen with buttons and use them to communicate with fsuipc and fs. I great option that widefs offer !!! ;-) So, i made a button screen and i'm using it for many functions, (like contolling AES, GSX, etc). Until this point everything is working and i made many other buttons to work with no problem. But, for control the doors i have problem, because i'm using only the letter E for doors and by pressing E+1 i control the main exit No1, pressing E+2 the exit2 and E+3 the exit3. My problem is thta i can't select a combination for E plu 1 when button pressed. In Fsuipc's buttons tab, i can only have the letter E but not the letter E with the number 1 or 2 together. I tried to find some information reading the manuals, but i only found some commnads only for keypresses not buttons. Do i have to edit the fsuipc.ini for these? Summarize: I want to have a joystick's button sending the E+1, or E+2, or E+3 keypresses to FSX, to open/close exits No1 to 3. Thanks a lot Eddie Armaos Athens - Greece
  3. I saw that link, but i was wondering if you had another source. thanks Eddie
  4. Peter, thanks for your reply. Of course i have to respect your choices and of course i wish you, always enjoy your flights and holidays :D I don't think you are 66years old, but 66years young, (still enjoying Fs flights) :wink: I hope that someone else will start this new effort for connect X-Plane and "others" and maybe you could help him, and give him your advices. regards Eddie Armaos
  5. Hello Peter, after the latest bad news from MS about FS project, but also after the latest X-Plane versions and new features ................. many of us, asking, if it will possible to have a X-Fsuipc module, which will be the intermediate between X-Plane and PM's offsets. So in this way we can also have the option to select X-Plane for our small or large home cockpits, based in PM's software. Also this new module could help all the other software or hardware products, today running for MS-FS9 or FSX to support also X-Plane. Some threads about this : http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14834 http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14848 Do you think, that it could be possible ? If you agree, can you please check this option with Austin Meyer ? I will be ready to help as possible. Best regards Eddie Armaos eddie (ad) 737 (dot) gr Athens-Greece
  6. Yes both FS2004 and Fsuipc work ok. I have monitoring the offset 02d4 in AdvDisplay with correct values, but Fsbus does not display it. thanks Pete, i have to loock in Fsbus the solution. Eddie
  7. Thanks Pete, i will do, but i beleive it supports the dual ADFS as it was the PMDG's 737-600. I will also try to read the offset 02d4 from PM'sCDU, if it will be ok there, maybe the problem is on Fsbus side. Eddie
  8. Hi, i have Fsbus system (hardware & software) and i use it to read & write in Fsuipc offsets for Fs2004 & PM. So, i made my pedestal and trying to setup the ADF2 i found that even if i was using the correct offset (02d4) i was receiving the ADF1 freq. I tryed to declare the ADF2 in the same way as Dirk has the ADF1 in std FsBus setup. I know that there are 2 offsets for ADFs, if there is not Fs or Fsuipc problem maybe there is something wrong in Fsbus. I'm just asking if anyone else had the same problem, or if the ADF2 is not working 100%. Thanks Eddie Armaos Athens - Greece
  9. Thanks Pete, i have both of them registered i can see the key file. Have a nice Sunday! Eddie
  10. Hi, some time ago somebody said to me, that when i'm updating the fsuipc to new version, i have to delete before all the fsuipc files in modules directory and the same with all the new widecleint versions. Is this right? I'm wrong? I have to delete them? If yes, my (not real big) problem, is that i have to re-enter my custom settings for fsuipc for joystick buttons, axes, spoilers, reverses etc. Is there any other way to do the update to don't loos all this information? Thanks Eddie Armaos Athens - Greece
  11. Peter your answer came faster than the better customer care htline suppoert :D !! As i see it was my mistake, as i thought that these offsets had to be values like on/off for Green Nose light :roll: . So i will try to make it with those offsets you already have by using the 0-16383 range. Thanks a lot Eddie Armaos Athens
  12. Hi Peter, first i want to thank you for you excellent job and continuous efforts for FS. I still use Fs2002 and i need your help. I try to make with FsBus some experiments with simple extrernal h/w devices to read or write from/to FS. I'm looking the offset values for the following announciators (i didn't found them in SDK maybe i don't know how to search them :!: ) 1) Green / Red light for Nose, Left, Righ Gear (in total 6 different leds) 2) Les Flaps Transit / Les Flaps Ext (2 leds) Thanks Eddie Armaos Athens - Greece
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