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  1. HMMMMMMMM.......................................Martin's not the only one not getting enough sleep. And I thought the Ark Royal left for the Gulf just the other day. It looks like someone missed their boat. Go for it fella, Bush & Blair need more men like you............................up front and on the ground. Chris
  2. Thanks once again Husain, All now seems back to normal at YSSY. Did you recieve my Editor Order number. You might have been catching some ZZZZZZs when I sent it. Ah......the burdens of being a global identity with a multi-national businese empire. Cheers, Chris.
  3. Hi Husain, I was concerned about the config of my Mytraffic and therefore decided to do a reinstall. As I had purchased the product, on 27th Oct 02, with the "Backup Download Service" I went back to the site, via the link on my order confirmation at time of order, and re downloaded the program. The size of this download was written as 52,756... My first question is, is this the correct version to work from, as I thought the base was now around 80MB? I know I now need to install the sound patch followed by the basefix. When I go to install the sound patch I get the message that I need to reinstall the 10voices.cad off my FS2002 CD number1. I have looked on this CD and have found the zip file. What do I need to do next as I do not know where it needs to go in my installed FS2002? In the process of cleaning out my older versions of your programs, prior to my intended reinstalls, by mistake I also deleted my Mytraffic Editor. I still have my Order Number, could you assist in me geting a fresh download. Sorry if the above sounds dumb- us lay people tend to learn as we go- I can assure you that a lot of us have come a long way in a very short time. Best regards, Chris.
  4. Thanks Ron, Enjoy your New Year. Regards, Chris.
  5. Hi Sidney, I've yet to visit their site. Can you provide a link? Thanks, Chris.
  6. Oh dear, I've been so polite in my responses to him, but it looks like one escaped the "nest". PS Haven't you got an unjust war to get on and fight? DOJ?- give us a break "Doctor heal thyself". Peace, Chris.
  7. Hi from downunder, I can see you have not had a response. I think this may be due to the developers being away(see post re support). I also find it a challenge. I'm glad to say that some of the things I've done have work out, and others.........well. These guys are great delelopers and mean well but their docs can let them down. Keep trying, good luck. Regards and Merry Christmas, Chris.
  8. Thanks Husain, I had not had it happen before, as I mostly fly bush planes in Alaska. Your get program has got me out flying the heavy metal again. I discovered that, it would appear, if you are out of ATC coverage that you get no options, not even a ATC screen, if you press the "`" key. I did nothing and ATC was available closer into Australia. So there you go. You learn something new each day. Have a great Christmas Husain, and thanks once again for your great program and support. Best regards, Chris.
  9. Hi guys, I've just had my "`" function disapear during a flight. I was flying a Centurion MD-11F and it suddenly got silent over the mid Pacific. It may have nothing to do with MT. I just thought someone might have a suggestion before I go through the reloading of FS2K2. The flight deck icon won't do anything, and I've check the keyboard assingnments and they are OK. Regards, Chris. I better get back and release those Pigeons. I need them to fly ahead and let the chaps at YSSY ATC that I'll be there in a few hours.
  10. I'm sure it's just that those ERJ145s are to darn pretty. All credit to thoses that make these and other AC that we all enjoy. One day our FS airports will be filled with accurate, detailed, aircrart in their up-to-date paint schemes, current regisrations, flying the actual seasonal timetables. And this will come about through the people who see the possible, and who have customers to help them through "the rough stuff". Thanks to the developers of this product and all of those that contribute to this forum, inorder to make it better. Regards, Chris.
  11. Way to go Stevetan! Have a great Christmas. There is a lot more we need to pray about, over this Christmas, other than Mytraffic Editor. Regards from downunder, Chris.
  12. I'm glad you guys know what you are doing. Thanks on behalf of myself and all the others. Could I suggest that if you are going to adjust down the flight level of the heavies, that you don't lower it below the FL where we get the contrails (ie FL30). I wouldn't want to bump into anything up there. Best regards and have a great and well deserved Christmas break. Chris.[/i]
  13. Thanks Burkhard. I was refering to the waiting passengers still waiting for the Cathay Pacific flights, out of Hong Kong, and the Singapore Airways flights, from Singapore, who are still waitng in Sydney for their respective 747s to turn up at YSSY, as per the Mytraffic default Schedule. Would you be kind enough to look into this. I know all several hundred of them would appreciate it. It's still a great product, Thanks, Chris.
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