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  1. The code gived above was an example code... its not a determine to be written. This is why I brought up question, i just wanted to know what is need to be factored up to get exact value out of the offset 0898...What I am trying to accomplish is getting the null value to max value to be able generate gauge movement, and display correct number on label.caption.. I constantly getting werid number such as 0 to 16384, not 0-100 percent or something. Hope that clears up....
  2. Yes I am creating gauges using VB6 codes and I am trying to figure out how to get it working or proper aligned.... And with offset 0898, 2 bit can have range from 0-16384. So I am not sure how to factor it up... let me give you code example I wrote.... Dim N1Gauge as long Dim N1Angle as long If FSUIPC_Read(&H898, 2, VarPtr(N1Gauge), dwResult) Then If FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) Then End if End If N1Gauge = 0 ?? <--- Is that what it should be? N1Angle = N1Gauge If N1Gauge > 0.1 Then N1Angle = 0.1 Else If N1Gauge < 0.1 Then N1Angle = 200 End If This didn't once worked I must have it factored up wrong or the code is wrong. Let me know
  3. VB or other code guru (if still outhere)... I understand offset 0898 with notes states it giving of 0-16384 for Jetliner engine... what does that factor up in vb or other code language? 0 subtract 16384? 16384 subtract 0? 16384/0? or what?
  4. Hi Guys, Hi Pete... First of all, please bear with me... I may not have a good explaination here but I will give my best. If you do not fathom what I am trying to explain, please don't hesitate to ask.. I would be glad to clear up for you again. I am in progress of writing a program with VB6 creating an instruction station where I could have all airport list displaying on screen on another PC "stand alone" interfacing with FSUIPC latest version, The idea of it would work way as Jetliners' cdu. I have wrote VB6 codes with FSUIPC offsets before, but the only thing is that I have zero knowledge on writing codes that can retrieve airport datas from files (I assume) or other and display it on my program. So, I am asking nicely, can anyone help me with kick start... maybe advise some website that provide good explaination. or perhaps giving out suggestion, you can either e-mail me ProjectB767@aol.com or ProjectB767@hotmail.com or just reply it back on this thread Your help is appreciated. Arthur
  5. Pete I am sorry if I wasn't clear enough for you... Maybe I am confused or maybe not. But please bear with me, I am trying my best to explain. I am currently building B767 home cockpit simulator, and uses EPICUSB via FSUIPC. And at this moment, I am all focus on MCP buttons/toggle switches. Now If I was going to program toggle switch from MCP, I can simply go into FSUIPC when FS running, then select Button tab, click on switch and it will automatically show what toggle is being activated in the box... then I can select open list and select what function would toggle work ie. 'AP on/off'. Unfortunately, in most situation, there isnt complete function for a B767 MCP for instance I could not find LNAV or FLCH inthe list, and apparently its all from FS (If I am not mistaken) So I thought I could program it and it will simply show up on list. I am using PM as example, because if the checkmark is checked it will show lists of PM's function if keypresses is being assigned. I hope I get you clearly??
  6. Hi Pete, Just one simple question... This may be stupid to ask. I am planning on writing a program on MCP with VB.NET. Just wonder, once offset is written in my program, and run it... Would that value of function (I guess that what this would be called?) show up into FS2004-->FSUIPC--->Module---> Button tab ---> "Conrol sent when button pressed" or "Control sent button released" list? For example: PM wrote their codes and it shows up on "Conrol sent when button pressed" or "Control sent button released" list such as PM V/S, PM ALT and so on... Now if I write my own variable: Dim MyALT as long Private Sub Timer1_Timer() Call FSUIPC_WRITE(Offset,Value,VarPtr(MyALT),dwResult) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) End Sub Will the "MyALT" Appears in the "Conrol sent when button pressed" or "Control sent button released" list Let me know
  7. Pete, This may not be related to FSUIPC issues, but hopefully you can help... Other day I was posting about FSUIPC offsets that can work with Alpha rotary switches which is used for MCP ALT, If you don't remember it, I have added link in case you want to take a preview. (Thread Topic "FSUIPC OFFSETS") http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=33236 Now here is the situation.... since 3110 holds about 32 or 24 (I think) bytes and I could not be able to figure out how to spilt them in all four for ALT, HDG, VS and IAS.. so I had someone sort thing out for me instead of using that offset I could simply write in POV1 codes in EPL and write these syntax at bottom in EPICINFO.CFG AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH=P1 And this worked through FS's MCP, on the ALT part. I could see some changed once I turn the rotary awitches...So I thought I could do same for the rest such as HDG, VS, and IAS I simply add it in EPICINFO.GFG: AP_HDG_VAR_SET_ENGLISH=P2 AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH=P3 AP_IAS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH=P4 But unfortunately, the rest three doesnt work through execpt for ALT. And I wasn't sure why only POV1 works while POV2-4 doesn't. So I tried other method by using POV5-15, and yet it still doesnt work. So, Today I browsed around this fourm and I found a thread by Amarante68 "Pigeonhole question" here's the link http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?t=33323 On the part about MaxScanFrequency=1 Would you know anything about more than one POVs creating buffer overflow in EPIC? Wouldn't you know why I am not getting POV2-15 to work except POV1? Again, I know issue may not be related, but I was hoping I could find some solution from your knowledge, maybe your opinion about it could help me to find the clue that I have been struggling with. Let me know
  8. First of all, your documentation isn't bad. Secondly, I didn't come with any misconception... It's just that I was going way around doing some experiment. this is why I said "Maybe!, I assume!" So offset 3110 is it? And can they use same offset for all of four rotary switches (HDG,ALT,IAS, and V/S)? I know I could simply program button in FSUIPC button page But, what I am here trying to do is learning how to implement codes or write anything in EPL and see how it can work with FS.Just for my benefit. The offset is the only issue that got me confused. Well to give you specific answer, I am setting up timing interval for rotary switches in EPL... I dont know if I can do anything with Timing in FSUIPC button page as of yet.
  9. I found the offset-- mayne! assume: 1016--> Alt var decrease fast -1000 1017--> Alt var increase fast +1000 1020--> Ias var decrease fast -10 1021--> Ias var increase fast +10 1022--> V/S var decrease fast -1000 1023--? V/S var increase fast +1000 1024--> Heading bug var decrease fast -10 1025--> Heading bug var increase fast +10 But what are the bits? must it be defined in C++ format? Let me know Arthur
  10. Pete, I know this may be repeating question "where do I find offset for..." and you could tell us to look at manual on offset tables. Well this time, I have already looked through offsets table and got real confused. What I am doing now is trying to get rotary switches(button) from EPIC to work with FS MCP turning knobs such as Alt,Hdg,IAS and V/S and unfortunately the offset that I found such as 07CC for Heading, 07D4 for Altitude, 07E2 for IAS and 07EC for V/S doesn't work through and I found this was used for displaying such as seven segment digit display. So what would be the correct offset that can increase or decrease the knobs in FS? Let me know Thanks
  11. Pete In FS2K4--> Module-->FSUIPC-->BUTTON tab... I assigned keypress for AP Alt mode, using EPICUSB. When pressed button (momentary button) The Autopilot ALT Hold worked... and same time the brake has been assigned which I never intent to... I tried to fix the problem but I couldn't figure out... wonder if you can help? Yes I have updated the FSUIPC, FS9.1 (or something) also I have been using NO CD FS2004 <--- on that part I remember there were an article clearly explain that it could cause probken if I have fS9.exe without needing CD to run... how can I fix this issue?
  12. Ha ha! :lol: that was me, I wrote it.... Few weeks since SIMENGINEERS.COM were established. There were only few members partipating in discussion. So, I thought if I could 'advise' anyone who really need help with EPICUSB to visit this fourm. I personally think this forum is much easier than yahoo discussion goup website. Since in this fourm you could post any of the pictures, notes, information regarding to EPIC, also with question, experience advices, humor stories, maybe even horor stories, and etc. Hope you would prartipate in this fourm discussion one of these day because the question related to FSUIPC/EPIC were brought up and no one knew the answer yet, come along and join there. Answer few question if you can. .So that basically All I need to do is write EPIC program and add a liitte part from EPICINFO for some action such as events is that correct? any epl and epicinfo example you could give based on your experience? Well probablly so....But I assure there are some EPIC users wanting to do something that the software cannot do. For example, we could program the button using EPIC card without having it send directly to FS system. I could do that if I wanted to prorgam APU since nowdays FSXX program doesn't have the APU function yet. There are some software that have every interior cockpit function such as PMDG737 or PIC767 much better compared toFSXX . But Unfortunately, they dont interact with FSUIPC and would make it harder to write EPL function on EPIC directly to that software or can never be possible at all. So how would you recommend to EPIC user who doesn't really have expert in writing program Such as C or C+ based to do if they really want their cockpit to function as real one? Get 3rd party 'EPIC/FSUIPC assistance software ?? OR Just keep on going, learning writing programming everyday will gain a better knowlegde and become expert on controlling functions using EPIC/FSUIPC?? Thanks
  13. Can FSUIPC interact with EPICUSB? If so How, can that woirk, I mean what does iit get sucessful on EPIC? how do I write a code for it? Any tution or referal to websites that has good explaination? Let me know -Arthur
  14. Mr Dowson I've been told that its possible to assign Offset Variable into EPIC EPL. Let say if I wanted use Switch instead of keyboard that have something to do eith MCP V/S. And adding Offset of V/S into EPL will work instead of using keypress statement.. is it True? how do I write it? can you give out an example if you know any. Thanks
  15. Thecode you wroteL Dim fuel10 As Integer Dim dwResult10 As Long Call FSUIPC_Read(&H20, 4, VarPtr(fuel10), dwResult10) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult10) Label19.Caption = fuel10 Fuel centre: Dim fuel8 As Integer Dim dwResult8 As Long Call FSUIPC_Read(&HB7C, 4, VarPtr(fuel8), dwResult8) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult8) Text36.Text = fuel8 I am not sure why you wanted to use 'dwResult##' . A swResult in VB allows offset values to process through. So here try... Dim fuel10 As Long Dim fuel8 As Long Dim dwResult As Long Call FSUIPC_Read(&H20, 4, VarPtr(fuel10), dwResult) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) Label19.Caption = fuel10 Fuel centre: Call FSUIPC_Read(&HB7C, 4, VarPtr(fuel8), dwResult) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) Text36.Text = fuel8 Any categories given offsets will process with only one dwResults... You could do some modfication in modules or .BAS to have multiple dwResults. But I personally think it wouldnt be necessary, kinda of waste.
  16. Oooh I love 'em trains.. I even collect HO Scale model trains (havent got it started, maybe sometimes after building home cockpit sim) How about creating TSUIPC for Train sim? wouldnt that be nice eh? :lol:
  17. Yes, I've always write down on pieces pf paper and pencil before doing my work. I have that experience when I took Programming classes back in few semesters ago at college. There are some certain thing I do understand how to write a program based on the source that am using which point out what codes can happen at the results. But when it comes to implementing games, especially FSUIPC. It kinda a little different for me, and kinda far advanced. With insufficent information from FSUIPC SDK for VB, it is kinda of hard tor me to be able to figure out from my head and that get me to ask so many questions that I am unaware of. I guess you can say I rely on sources too much. Now on the part, I am confusing with offsets that I wanted to work with. say, if I was going to work on heading variation (displaying heading changing numbers once aircraft is banking). I wouldn't know which specific offsets can work with the one I am looking for. I may be good at implementing codes in general, but not on FSUIPC as of yet. This is where I really want to learn, maybe need a few tips from experiencers and write down on notes for my future benefit. That's only, if I dont find anything on FSUIPC Guideline. Kinda asking to bear with me. :D Any suggestion, Pete?
  18. Great, what a coincidence... I am currently working on heading too. Now, I can add that question on this tppic. I am having same problem for VB codes... The description " (signed, -ve = west ) "seem to be vague for me. what is signed? Assume ie HEADING? and -ve? can anyone give me clear understaing these words mean? With VB coedes I suppose I m having difficult to understand how to write the codes converting true heading into Magenetic or magnetic into True. this is what I wrote: Dim Heading as LongDim dwResult Call FSUIPC_Read(&H2A0, 4, VarPtr(Heading),dwResult) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) TRUEHDG.Caption = Format (Heading "000") MAGHDG.Caption = Format (Heading, "000") Heading = Heading - (360\65536) '\\ Coverting True to Magnetic Heading = Heading + (360\65536) '\\Cnverting Magentic to True [code] Did I write the equation or calculates the equalvent wrong? If so can anyone help me out to correct it??
  19. Well, That wont be a problem, I think I can arrange few offset values to create APU program. I think that is the answers I was looking for. Let me clear you up on this.The purpose of my asking is to see if intervial time would have produced any confilts with any offset that has already written in timer properties. The reason of using interval timer is to delay the respond of keypress. (That tend to come in most jetliners' APU). But I just realize like you said, there is no APU implement in FS. So I would just have to create synthetic keypress with interval timer which would be written on other end (eg) form_load instead on timer properties. Thanks for your help
  20. Question: 1) I am currently working on APU, trying to implement codes on VB6. And from the offset tables, I seem cannot find anything related with APU. Unless I am missing something? didn't I. From what I can guess, FS2004 has not included APU situation in that program, which would have any offset values for APU, correct? 2) I know you probablly don't have much experience in VB6... Maybe you can tell me from what you know. According to my application, with FSUIPC_READ, FSUIPC_WRITE or FSUIPC_Process, it has to be written under timer properties to get it working via FS. Now I suppose if I want to include interval time... for example.... Public Sub InitAPU_timer () .interval = 100 would that create conflicts and not get that working properly? or say should I write beforehand of timer properties? .interval = 100 Public Sub InitAPU_timer () Thanks in advance
  21. AL-HASHIME Well, I can tell you based on my experience. I used to be in your shose past few months ago. My advice to you is. First, understand the VB itself: How to write codes, use properties, and etc Understand the calculations: trigonometry, dividend, multiply and etc Once you understand the concepts of VB,Then you can play around with with FSUIPC variable and hello world example given codes. Good luck
  22. Since document shows the offset value for IAS (Indicated Air Speed), which is 02BC -- Long integer. Now question is, is it possible to convert it into FLOAT64? Or unless, there is other type of offset value with FLOAT64 varible? Let me know.
  23. Yup that's the point... this is where I am confused and need some help...
  24. I m trying to figure out the proper way to write codes to have the values displaying in text with values of 1 and 0 -- IE Warning indicator, on and off indicator. Now let start with master Switch-- The codes I wrote Dim Master as Boolean Call FSUIPC_Read(&H2E80, 4, VarPtr(Master), dwResult) Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult) If Master = True Then MasterLightOn.Caption = Format(Master, "Master ON") Else Master = False End If When I complie it, it shows no error... When running with FS2002.. The display text on my application dont seem to show anything when switching on/off on a cessna panel from FS2002... Would anyone know what went wrong? did I implement the code correctly? and what are your suggestion? Thanks in Advance P.S. I m kinda of doing this in haste... This project that I am working on is in regard for my final exam at college. (Due in 3 weeks from now)
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