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  1. Hi Peter, Sorry I disturbed you. I finally found the old file FSUIPC.KEY which I copied in the Modules Folder of FSX and everything now seems OK. Thank you anyway. Jean-Guy
  2. Hi Peter, I am in the process of reinstalling everything after I had to change my hard disk. When attempting to install, FSUIPC rejects my Key which I have had since July 25, 2003.. I made sure the O and the I are not confused with zeros (0) and ones (1). Can you help me, please Jean-Guy Paradis
  3. Pete, You will recall our exchange of messages regarding this same issue. And I am wondering suddenly upon reading this post whether or not I advised you of my findings a while ago. I thought I did but I suddenly got doubts. Regardless, here it is again: I fixed my problems by ensuring no other application ( in my case it was IVAP) looks for Weather information at the same time as FSX does. You were right from the beginning i.e., it is a SimConnect problem. I also advised Microsoft as advised but I got their generic response as others did. Anyway, since I disabled Weather in my IVAP configurator (which is IVAO software - does the same as VATSIM), I do not get those nasty memory popups anymore. A thousand thanks once more for leading me to the right track Jean-Guy
  4. After much troubleshooting I came up to the conclusion that the "memory " problem as shown in attachments is caused by FSUIPC4 (registered) . The problem simply does not occur when removing FSUIPC.dll from FSX Module folder.
  5. Pete, When FS2004 was first installed, the default flight in Seattle was using the "Fair Weather" of FS Weather Themes. After I installed FSUIPC (registered copy), FS always opens up using "User Defined Weather" thus entirely clear skies until I do something about it. Despite my attempts to try to make it "remember" my last setting in Weather Themes, FS invariably goes back to "User Defined" on the next start up. Is this normal? Or am I mistaken somewhere? Thanks for your answer and sincere congratulations for such fantastic work. Jean-Guy Paradis
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