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  1. Is there some way of verifying that Pitot Heat is in fact on if enabled on the ground. It could be something as simple as a line of code in the pitot heat logic that prevents it from being enabled on the ground. Mark
  2. Pete, this problem first occurred when we were beta testing AS2004. In the beta versions, Damian was able to successfully isolate it and prevent it from happening. Some how it slipped back into the release version. Numerous theories abound as to what causes it, but as Jason has said it is limited to when severe to extreme icing conditions are present. Using Wing and Engine Anti Ice along with the Pitot Heat seams to cure/prevent the problem. Hopefully within the next few days, testing of the AS2004 update will begin, and I will be able to see if this problem has been fixed. I definitely do not think this is an FSUIPC issue. As Pete has mentioned, it seems to be a slightly different way that Icing Strength is coded in the new FS9 weather engine that is causing this - Icing being imported to FS9 from the weather programme using FS2002 values and being too powerful/strong for FS9's weather engine. A good Weather SDK from MS would go a long way to solve many of the reported issues with weather in FS9. Unfortunately I do not see something with the depth required by Damian or Marc being released - more likely a watered down version. Jason, could you write down what tests you are carrying out and email them to me mark@ntlworld.com I will then test them with MR1 of AS2004 and post my conclusions.
  3. Pete, Further investigation of the problem I had in the previous post has led me to believe that it was not a temperature related problem. 1. Flight with no weather loaded at all - all okay no problems. 2. Flight with FSMeteo V6.01 running} 3. Flight with ActiveSky v1.9 running}See Problem Described Below 4. Flight with FS Jeppessen Weather } I have Baro Pressure Smoothing Set, along with Winds Smoothing. Before loading a weather programme I cleared all weather in FS. When I got to a new winds aloft reporting station, the weather was cleared and new data loaded.It looks like there is a small pause between the old weather being cleared and the new weather being loaded. During the time this update was taking place I encountered the large speed drop problem. I retested this in FS2002 using FSUIPC v2.975 without encountering any problems. Winds Smoothing works fine under normal conditions, but when I encounter the problem, Winds smoothing dissappears for a few seconds before returning when the new weather is loaded. It makes no difference how long a time I specify for winds smoothing. More Specifically when the Weather programme is performing an online update this problem seems to occur. Mark McGrath
  4. Pete, thanks for answering. I did not think FSUIPC could help with this, bit of a long shot. I think it's something MS has screwed up slightly. Mark
  5. Hi Pete, when transiting thru different weather layers, in either climb or descent and the TAT changes quite significantly, I get either sudden speed increases or decreases. Most of the time it is hardly noticeable, as the temp changes are quite small, but temp changes in excess of 5 degrees can result in the speed increases/decreases. Are there any settings I could use in the registered version of FSUIPC that would affect/cure this problem. Thanks Mark McGrath
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