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  1. Okay well that answers most of my questions. I guess i must have a program created before V.3 was released. Thanks for your time! btw, if anybody out there reads this and has FSUIPC V.2.96 please post a reply, and i will give you my e-mail address, as i would appreciate it greatly!
  2. I'm sorry. It just dawned on me that I must register FSUIPC before it will allow other programs to run off of it. So anyway, is there another place where I can get the previous version? I would love to purchase it, but I've just spent quite a small fortune on my computer, and am quite low on cash right now. Thanks for your time and I hope I didn't cause too much trouble!
  3. Hey Pete! (or anyone else out there), I have just downloaded your FSUIPC V.3, and though it is an EXCELLENT program, it will not work with my system setup (maybe it is FS2002 :?: :?: ) but even though i've enabled old modules in the FS2002.cfg file, it still won't boot FSUIPC. But regardless, i was wondering where (and when) i can get a copy of V.2.96, since it seemed to work fine. Thanks for your help! By the way i am running a P4 3.06GHz with a Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4600 and an off-the-shelf intel motherboard with onboard RAID. I don't think that my hard drive or sound system would cause any problems, so there ya have it! Yes i do know that i owe you the last 2 minutes of your life back, but its all i can do. :wink: Thanks again..
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