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  1. Hi Volker, sorry I used the wrong path and copied this files to the Blackbox Folder in the Root of FSC. I shoud read the readme carefully... *g* Now it works fine. Best Regards, Martin
  2. Hi, I upgraded to FSC 9.3_HF1, set the Aircraft Symbol to "FSC_ACTyp_02" and if I start GE there is a red X instead of this Aircraft Symbol. Any Idea what ist going wrong? Regards, Martin
  3. Well, directly conneted to the GamePort I use the "CH FlightSim Yoke PC" Driver and have no Problems with the exception of little Jitters if I move the Yoke - only the first few movements. I think that's "normal". If I connect the Yoke on the Adapter I see a "4-axis, 4-button joystick w/view finder" in the Windows GameController Section. If I add the "CH FlightSim Yoke PC", I don't get a connection to the Yoke. Your wrote that the CH Driver should see the GamePort via the USB Adapter? How? Could the Adapter be the problem? Regards, Martin
  4. Sorry, bad english my last question... but you answered it above (look for a full implementation Adapter) A few minutes ago I bought exactly the Adapter you gave me within the Link. I switched to Mode 3 (CH FlightStick Pro) and almost works (also the Throttle). But I've lost 2 Buttons of the Mooney Yoke. "I can't get all" *g* I'm afraid my PFC Yoke doesn't work as it should be. I bought it 2002 and used the WinXP Driver "CH FlightSim Yoke PC", because only this one supports all 6 Buttons of the Yoke. It's sad that I can't get all to USB Adapter. Maybe it would be better to "Rewire" the Yoke, connect it to the Throttle Quadrant and by a Serial-USB Adapter... Regards, Martin
  5. Really better? I thought that these Adapters are not so good as the Original Connector (Gameport, Serial)? Today I saw such Gameport - USB Adapter which can only switch between Gameport Joystick 1 and 2. In this case I lose the Buttons of the Yoke (1 Joystick). Which things the Adapter (Gameport-USB and Serial-USB) must can that it works with my Yoke and Throttle Quadrant from PFC? Do I need the PFC.dll for the Throttle Quadrant if I connect it with an USB Adapter? By the way thank you for your patience and the Link to Amazon. Regards, Martin
  6. Ok, now it's very clear for me! It IS a Yoke which is normally connected to the Gameport. Unfortunately the German Distributor of PFC (Verkosoft) told me, that I could connect it on the Quadrant too. The Yoke Axis are working fine (better than on Gameport), only this Throttle doesn't work. I wanted to change from Gameport to another Connection such USB, because Gameport Connections are very seldom on modern Soundcards and Gameport have surely no future. But sending the yoke across Europe to the German Distributor or even to PFC in USA is an expensive business. But thank you for your helpfull hint. Regards, Martin
  7. Hi Pete! Sorry, that was my mistake, I meant the Mooney Yoke, and this have a Push-Pull Throttle... http://www.flypfc.com/oldsite/entertainooney.html. It would be logic, that I don't need this Push-Pull Throttle, if I have the Power Quadrant, but I often fly Cessnas, which have such a Push-Pull Throttle. So it is important for me, that I can use this Throttle, if I connect the Mooney Yoke via the Cabinet Digital instead of Gameport. Hope this declares my problem. Regards, Martin
  8. Hello Forum Members, hello Pete! I have the following problem. I use the PFC Cirrus Yoke connected to the Digital Throttle Quadrant Console. Within the PFC.dll in FS2004 the Axis for the Yoke are available, but unfortunately the Throttle of the Cirrus Yoke doesn't work. Does anybody know why the Throttle is not available? I'm using the latest Version of FSUIPC and PFC.dll for FS2004. Best Regards, Martin
  9. Hello Pete! Thank you for the Tool. Meanwhile I found the program which was using COM1. ActiveSync was the reason. There is a point where you can sync over the COM1 Port. I can't remember that i activated this, but no I deactivated it and now it works fine. Best regards, Martin
  10. Yes, that COM1 is already used was my first thought, but WHAT is using COM1? I don't know GPSout. Should this be in the Modules Folder? Strange ist, that when I start FSX there is COM1 available. Meanwhile in FSX COM1 isn't available too. Then I deleted the Modules Folder in FSX and the pfc.ini and pfc.log in FS2004, but this as well don't worked. Can I see somewhere which process is using COM1? Regards, Martin
  11. Good evening Pete! I've a strange problem with FS2004 and my PFC Throttle Quadrant. I installed FSX in a separate Partition an tested your pfcfsx.dll The Throttle Quadrant is connected to COM1. As I choosed this Port in FSX the Quadrant doesn't worked. Ok, but as I started FS2004 with pfc.dll I can't choose COM1 because it's missing. I only have COM2,3 and None. Do you have an idea what happend? Best regards, Martin
  12. Hi, Pete! Since I've installed Version 3.30 of FSUIPC I've a strange problem with the PSS A320. If I turn on the Autopilot the aircraft starts to descend and it ignores the Autothrottle commands. If I use Version 3.22 there are no problems. Do you have any idea? But I will check if this problem is only with the A320 (which is Patched to FS2004) or with the A330/340 (which is designed for FS2004) too. Best regards from Vienna, Martin
  13. I use the following names: Piper Seneca V Cessna 177 Boeing 737-400 Boeing 747-400 Piper Archer II Cessna 152 Maybe the "-" at the Boeings isn't accept within the standard Windows profile, but the Piper Seneca V and the Boeing 747-400 is ok and the other are at standard name "User Cfg. 2" and so on... The Content of the ini file is the following: [AircraftQuadrants] PIPER_PA-28-181_Archer_DREAM_FLEET_-_2_OE-DKT=U1 [Connection] Port=COM1 [General] OptionsSet=133243,0 QuadrantSet=U1 EnabledQuads=32257 ADFmode=0 COMactive=1 COMoff=2 Radials=0 ElevatorTrimUnit=16 ElevatorTrimDelay=20 ElevatorTrimMult=8 MaxThrottleForReverser=0 COM1sb=9349 COM1na=10032 COM2sb=9349 COM2na=6144 NAV1sb=5008 NAV2sb=5008 ADFsb=512 ADFxsb=0 DME=2048 AxisSmoothTime=500 SpoilerFlightPercent=75 [buttonAssignments] ListAllControls=No ListPMControls=No List767PICControls=No Yoke0=0,0,0 Yoke1=0,0,0 Yoke2=5,5,255 Yoke3=5,5,255 Yoke5=0,0,0 Yoke6=0,0,0 Yoke7=0,0,0 Yoke8=0,0,0 Yoke9=0,0,0 Yoke10=0,0,0 Yoke11=0,0,0 Avionics0=0,0,0 Avionics1=0,0,0 Avionics2=0,0,0 Avionics3=0,0,0 Avionics4=0,0,0 Avionics5=0,0,0 Avionics6=0,0,0 Avionics7=0,0,0 Avionics8=0,0,0 Avionics9=0,0,0 Avionics10=0,0,0 Avionics11=0,0,0 Console0=0,0,0 Console1=0,0,0 Console2=0,0,0 JetLiner0=0,0,0 JetLiner1=0,0,0 JetLiner2=0,0,0 JetLiner3=75,75,0 [ThrottleQuadrants] P1N-0=5,5,9,20,56,72,108,108 P1N-4=5,13,6,20,56,72,108,108 P1-0=5,31,20,20,56,72,108,118 P1-2=5,5,0,20,56,72,108,108 P1-4=5,13,6,20,56,72,108,108 P1H-0=5,5,9,20,56,72,108,108 P1H-2=5,21,0,20,56,72,108,108 P1H-4=5,13,6,20,56,72,108,108 P2-0=5,5,9,20,56,72,108,108 P2-1=5,6,0,20,56,72,108,108 P2-2=5,21,0,20,56,72,108,108 P2-3=5,22,0,20,56,72,108,108 P2-4=5,13,6,20,56,72,108,108 P2-5=5,14,5,20,56,72,108,108 P2B-0=5,21,9,20,56,72,108,108 P2B-1=5,22,0,20,56,72,108,108 P2B-2=5,5,0,20,56,72,108,108 P2B-3=5,6,0,20,56,72,108,108 P2B-4=5,13,6,20,56,72,108,108 P2B-5=5,14,5,20,56,72,108,108 T2-0=5,9,9,20,28,44,108,108 T2-1=5,10,0,20,28,44,108,108 T2-2=5,25,0,20,40,56,108,108 T2-3=5,26,0,20,40,56,108,108 T2-4=5,17,6,20,54,70,108,108 T2-5=5,18,5,20,54,70,108,108 J2-0=5,30,20,20,35,35,108,118 J2-2=5,5,0,20,56,72,108,108 J2-3=5,6,0,20,56,72,108,108 J2-5=5,32,5,20,56,72,108,108 J2N-0=5,49,0,10,20,88,98,118 J2N-1=5,5,0,20,64,64,108,108 J2N-2=5,46,0,20,64,64,108,108 J2N-3=5,47,0,20,64,64,108,108 J2N-4=5,6,5,20,64,64,108,108 J2N-5=5,48,0,7,8,110,110,122,7,26,38,50,62,74,86,98 J3-0=5,30,20,20,35,35,108,118 J3-1=5,5,0,20,56,72,108,108 J3-2=5,6,0,20,56,72,108,108 J3-3=5,7,0,20,56,72,108,108 J3-5=5,32,5,20,56,72,108,108 J4-0=5,30,20,20,35,35,108,118 J4-1=5,5,0,20,56,72,108,108 J4-2=5,6,0,20,56,72,108,108 J4-3=5,7,0,20,56,72,108,108 J4-4=5,8,5,20,56,72,108,108 J4-5=5,32,5,20,56,72,108,108 U1-0=5,5,0,15,56,72,120,120 U1-1=5,6,0,7,56,72,119,119 U1-2=5,25,0,1,31,36,121,121 U1-3=5,26,0,2,30,33,121,121 U1-4=5,13,0,18,56,72,123,123 U1-5=5,14,0,14,56,72,124,124 U1=Piper Seneca V U2-3=5,21,0,2,56,72,122,122 U2-5=5,13,0,6,56,72,124,124 U3-0=5,5,0,23,56,72,120,128 U3-1=5,6,0,11,56,72,119,128 U3-2=5,32,0,15,56,72,110,128 U3-3=5,49,0,16,26,107,117,255 U3-4=5,13,0,21,56,72,105,128 U3-5=5,14,0,21,56,72,104,123 U4-0=5,33,0,22,56,72,121,121 U4-1=5,34,0,12,56,72,119,119 U4-3=5,32,0,18,56,72,105,122 U4-5=5,49,0,13,23,103,113,125 U5-1=5,5,0,6,56,72,119,120 U5-4=5,13,0,17,56,72,123,123 U5=Boeing 747-400 U6-4=5,13,0,6,56,72,124,128 [FlightControls] Ailerons=4,0,20,20,56,72,108,127 Elevator=4,1,20,20,56,72,108,126 Rudder=4,2,20,20,56,72,108,126 LeftBrake=4,3,0,20,56,72,108,108 RightBrake=4,4,0,20,56,72,108,108 All I have to do is to fill in the name and that's it? Must I use another Button? Regards, Martin
  14. Hi Pete! I'm using für my Throttle Quadrant User Cfg 1-6. For each Cfg I fill in a name. But if I start FS2002 again all cfg's are default without name. Only Cfg 1 and 4 are with the name I filled in. What I'm doing wrong? Regards, Martin
  15. Yeah! The option "suppress possible interference from Game Port throttles" was the reason.....! Although I deactivated it, but I had to restart FS and this was my problem. Thank you Pete! Best regards from LOWW Martin
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