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  1. Using the 2013 schedules I am seeing a file called fsx.cfg.txt being created each time FSX loads. The date and time corresponds to the fsx.cfg date and time. fsx.cfg has it's date and time changed as well. I have since installed the 2012 schedules and I do not get any modification to my fsx.cfg. Are you perchance writing to fsx.cfg each time FSX starts other than adding mytraffic to it initially? I have searched through the included documents and do not see where it modifies the fsx.cfg each time FSX starts.
  2. Well, that was short lived. :???: Fresh boot on the dedicated pc this morning. Loaded a "saved" flight. Set up aircraft and requested a pushback. Got a ntdll error. I'll boot and just load FSX with the aircraft engines running and on the runway. Rebooted the PC and let FSX load the same aircraft running on the runway. Set up all necessary stuff for a flight and flew it for 20 minutes with no errors. Stopped the flight and loaded a different aircraft with a different saved cold and dark flight. About 20 minutes into the flight I got a ntdll error. The flights I did at KPHX, KDFW, KILE and
  3. Burkhard, I had some ntdll errors out of FSDreamteams KDFW yesterday and the day before. I had a few hashstack errors as well. Twice, it froze the computer up. One with no errors. And the other was a hashstack. No errors occured on the ground at KDFW. It was a good 10 to 20 minutes out of KDFW heading to KDEN. I downloaded the patches yesturday and flew Carenado's Baron B58 at Brian's KPHX at 30% for Airline traffic and 20% for GA for a lot of touch-n-gos. I then used a tubeliner the same way. I also did some straight out flights for quite a distance and back. I then upped the slider to 4
  4. I thought I was the only one having the issue but I stumbled across a few more that were having it as well. I'm sure it was DX10 due to it being dropped during development, because it wasn't apparent on DX9. At any rate, it's fixed and thanks for the great program.
  5. Before I spend the money I figured I better find out if the professional version has the same issue as the 2013 version does. I notice there is High Level support for DX10 Preview in the professional version and was wanting to know if the professional version has an issue with flashing landing lights like the 2013 version does while in DX10 Preview? If not, I'll be happy to go get it. Thanks in advance. Edit: Please ignore. I went ahead and purchased the Professional Version. All is ok now.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate the info. I guess I will look at the other product on Simmarket too.
  7. Does this update apply to My Traffic X 2013? I currently have 5.3b. Or have I looked in the wrong place? Thanks
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