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  1. Nantucket Updates

    Looking great and and really looking forward to it. Mike
  2. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    Bill & Dexter, Looks great on my system also. Mike
  3. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    Bill, I did not do a full install only the Client and Content upgrades and things went good with viva_P3d.dll. I will load 00ME tonight to see what it looks like. I will also see if the upgrade did anything funny to my scenery list. I cannot remember which one but I think I needed to reactivate an addon scenery. Mike
  4. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    Yeah, I have the 3.2 Professional subscription and downloaded & installed after the patch. Apparently they must have rolled the patch into the main installer because I did not install the patch and did not receive the message. Mike
  5. New viva version for P3D 3.2 users

    I have not tried loading the scenery yet, but I downloaded the new files from here (did not use the P3D message)and placed in the scenery folder and P3D loads without the warning message. Mike
  6. Can't open Heron's Nest

    Thanks, I will do that. Mike
  7. Can't open Heron's Nest

    Bill, can you tell me where this file is located. Even though I installed into FSX Steam I still get this error in P3D for some reason. I tried to find it but was unable to locate this file. Thanks, Mike