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  1. Ok you cleared up most of my questions, thanks Still one thing I can't figure out: since the 737ng is an 'registered fsuipc' app, why can't we fly it normally without paying another 20 euro's for the registration of fsuipc. I know you're getting back at me for beeing de battery problem an fs2k4 bug, but the least thing that could be accomplished is enabling the dead battery fix for only the pmdg. (as the pmdg is a registered app)
  2. Thanks for the explanation, and my apologies for calling normal fsuipc behaviour a bug :) *grin* Anyway i now also recall as of where I read about beeing it available in the unreg version. I read MagicBattery=Yes in the ini file :) On a other note, it is (in my opinion ofcourse) a bit strange that although PMDG 737ng is a registered fsuipc application, I cannot use the pmdg normally because of the dead battery. I have to start the engines quickly, which is obviously not 'as real as it gets'. But oh whell that's just a thought :P
  3. I bought the PMDG 737NG last week. Except for some bugs which are adressed by the team as we speak, I really have one annoying bug which seems to be caused by FSUIPC 3.04. (although im not really sure) It seems that the 'extend battery live' function in the unregistered version of fsuipc does not work. Although i read somewhere that it should function whenever fsuipc is registered or not. After about 5 mins the airplane goes completely dark, whether on ground power or APU.
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