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  1. I really don't understand that a program with version 9.7 runs in P3D and a newer version 10 won't. I always used this fscommander for many many years and with pleasure but the current situation from a business perspective , I can not understand this downgrade !
  2. I guess , He is simply unable to program in 64 bits !
  3. I feel like a dombo :) Thanks Volker and sorry I took your time ! Henk.
  4. Thanks you Volker. I do run the programm with admin rights. Change compatibily mode to windows 7 with no luck. No virus scanner running. Any other suggestions ? fsc.ini
  5. Hello Volker , my details : 1. Prepar3D v4 FSUIPC 5.12 registered No Network fscommander & fsdatabase manager 9.7 Navigraph cycle 1710 Downloaded version Windows 10 3 monitors Monitor 2 is my main display FsCommander opens in monitor 1. As soon as I connect , GPS - connect to FS , 2 extra windows appears , the GPS window and the naviagation data window. That is fine but those extra windows opens always in screen 2. Every time I have to move them next to fscommander on screen 1. Is there a solution so that those 2 extra windows opens were they were at the last position when closing fscommander , e.g. screen 1 ? Thanks. Henk Barkhof.
  6. Hello Volker , Details : 1. Prepar3D v4 FSUIPC 5.11 registered No Network fscommander & fsdatabase manager 9.6 rev 9 Navigraph cycle 1708 Downloaded version Windows 10 3 monitors When I check the option under windows / Display : "Focus back to flightsim" , I can not enter somethings in other windows As the focus goes immidiatly back to the flightsim. Can not switch rooms in teamspeak f.e. When I uncheck the option under windows / Display : "Focus back to flightsim" the focus goes to FSC as soon as the map needs an update. I would like to decide myself what window needs the focus. Seems not possible anymore since ?? Windows 10 or FSC > 9.6 rev 6 ?? Not sure about that but it is quit irritating. Henk Barkhof.
  7. The titel on the Website states that there now is a Version 9.7 but the Downloads names are fsc96.zip and fsc96upgrade.zip very confusing. contains fsc96.zip the fsc 9.7 Version ?? Henk Barkhof.
  8. hbarkhof

    More faults

    Hello , The change from fsc 9.1.1 to 9.2 is not really an improvement. Course is displayed incorrect and also the distance to go (DTG) is tottally wrong. Can I put it back to 9.1.1. ? See attached screenshot. ---------- Henk

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