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  1. Hi, I've been encountering a very strange phenomenon. How do i use FSX: Most of the time i fly a specific livery for several days and then switch to another, to do so, I save my flights with a simple method. Once on blocks, engines running, i set de brakes, APU is running, i shutdown, then do my after start flow checks, connect the GPU and shocks on. After 5 - 10 min when the flight is over, i save (create a file that i call NGX PHXRZ) in the fsx menu (that way the flight is saved to the exact location i left it) and save (create a file called PHXRZ) in the fmc (to have the exact panel state i had). But since the last 2 months every time i do that method and try to reload a flight the Plane keeps bouncing like a crazy cadillac for about 5-8-10 s causing the plane to be displaced . WHEN I SAY BOUNCE , YOU CAN THINK OF IT AS 1 ROUGH LANDING PER SECOND OVER AN AREA CENTERED ON THE PLANE CG: Really like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td7_2w6RF8U. LoL But very rough. FSUIPC unregistered NGX PMDG Thanks in advance Kaman