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  1. Pete, Me again - still trying to get things working OK with FSMEteo 6.01. I am using registered versions of FSMeteo 6.01, WideFS6.02 and FSUIPC 3.04. I'm using FSMeteo on a remote machine and WideFS is using TCP/IP - OS is XP/SP1. When FSMeteo connects to load the wx every 6minutes and cycles through the in-range wx stations in FS2004 there is a slight but annoying pause or stutter as the data is download for each station. It seems to be related to FS2004 because there is no problem using it with FS2002 and its global weather. I dare say there's some FSUIPC setting I should adjust, but I can't work out which one. I have read the FSUIPC and FSMeteo manuals but drawn a blank. I've tried to copntact Marc, but there's been no response. Any help appreciated. Cheers Andy Ralls EGTR
  2. Pete, Understood. I was flying MMUN-MMMX and I guess wx stations in those areas are probably a bit sparse. And you're right, I think I have the wx distance set to 50 miles. I'll try it at 100 and see how it goes. Cheers, Andy
  3. Thanks for the answer Pete. I was afraid of that. I do understand the difference between local and global, but the implementation within FS9 still results in sudden changes. Also, I did not mean to imply that clouds, pressure and winds all changed simultaneously, but they do all change immediately when they do, individually, change. If there's no plans to fix it then fine, I understand. However, if you try flying a heavy rather than a GA aircraft, you'll observe that as you go through local areas in quick succession, the weather simply flips as you coss the bounderies. It may _look_ pretty, but it's wholly unrealistic. Thanks anyway. Andy
  4. Hi Pete, I'm a registered user of FSUIPC3.04 and WideFS6.02. I'm using FSMeteo with FS9 across a TCP/IP network. Can I ask you if you are working with Marc P on any developments for MSFeteo? I'm asking you becuase there is no forum for FSmeteo that I'm aware of and Marc seems too busy to answer e-mails. My main gripe is the lack of graduated changes to the local weather with fs9. Winds, pressure and clouds all change immediately and it completely destroys any sense of realism. FS2k2 is/was far better in this respect and I'm pretty much ready to go back to it until this issue is resolved. As the smoothing of global weather is a function of FSUIPC, I wondered what efforts were being addressed to make this ahppen for the local wx in FS9? Thanks Andy EGTR
  5. Tanks guys. As Burkhard surmised, I'd not exported the aircraft. I think the reason was that I was following the tutorial that Husein suggested and I don't think that that step is in there. When I looked at the manual (Doh!) it all made sense. Cheers, Andy EGTR
  6. Hi. I've just started trying to use the Editor (latest patch installed) and have come up against a bit of a brick wall. I wanted to add the Virgin Atlantic schedules which I dl'd. I installed the PAI Virgin 744 (just the aircraft, not the schedules), created Virgin Atlantic as an airline in the MyTraffic editor, created the aircraft type using the PAI aircraft title, and entered the 10 registrations from the .tll txt file for the Virgin schedule. I then saved this all off into a new version of the .myt file. The problem comes when I attempt to create the SDK file from the .ttl .txt file. When I save the converted file, it always comes up with 0 bytes, and thus when I attempt to import the forks (what-the-hell-ever a fork is???) I get nothing happening. Any clues? Andy EGTR
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