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  1. HI, I apologise if this has been answered previously. Looked and couldn't find anything. I have previously purchased FSUIPC V4 from simmarket. Reformatted my PC yesterday and attempted to install V5 however the key from V4 from simmarket isn't being accepted and states its not valid. Is this because its a new version or because of simmarket? I have ensured my name and email are correct as per the information in simmarket. Regards.
  2. As requested, pdf for saved plan from YPAD to YMML. Note destination doesnt show runway. FSC.pdf
  3. Hi, running version 9.2, windows 7. Just wondering if someone can help me. Having trouble getting an approach runway stick into a plan. I have tried the approach window and selected for example rwy 16. Look at the flight plan and doesn't show up nor work in the flight plan. Any ideas/tips on how to get one into the approach plan? Thanks in advance benjoglove
  4. HI Volker, I did see this part however didn't really help me with what I was trying to achieve. All is well now. :-) Appreciate your help! Benjoglove
  5. EXCELLENT WORK TOM!!!! Thanks heaps,solved problem! Hopefully this helps other people as it is not easily known! Thanks again!
  6. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, which button is that one the "Select Parking and Taxi ways" from the menu or the one from the flightplanner menu under "Ok" and above the undock keys? Thanks Benjo
  7. Further to last, I have attached the flight plan that I saved. I added a gate at departure airport YMML using "windows" - "Select Parking and Taxi ways". Added a gate, could see that gate in red at YMML. Save and open flight plan but as you can departure says RWY16. j
  8. Hi Volker, When I click "Connect FS" under the GPS menu I get my small GPS screen come up.. I can fly and it follows the desired heading with the flight plan that I created. Just cant get it to start at the gate appears to be the only problem I am having. I followed the instructions when installing and is in my C:/ and admin rules so not sure what the issue is. Is the a correct way of "Connect FS" i.e. should it start before the plane is on the runway? Cheers again, appreciate your help! Benjoglove
  9. Hi VolkerHeine, Thanks for the reply. This is what I do so please tell me if I need to do something else. I create a flight plan with all of my SID/STARS. Enter in a departure gate which I see in red from YMML airport list. Save the flight plan. Open FSX, click on flight planner, load, then find the saved .pln from FS Commander (***This shows default runway not gate in flight planner). Press okay, plane then goes onto runway. Then start "Connect FS" with no change. I have tried to connect FS before hand but disconnects due to not finding GPS data in FSX?? Any ideas/Suggestions? Regards Benjo
  10. Hi, I am running FSX with FSUIPC Ver 4.761 Aerosoft FS Commander with FSX Windows 7 64 bit Client PC Windows XP 32 bit. Just wondering if someone can help me. I am having trouble with fsx getting my departure gate from fs commander. I create a flight plan and open the way point window, select the box under "OK" button, select departure gate 23 from ymml then save. I open the flight planner in fsx click load, open the saved flight plan from fs commander. It defaults me back to runway 16 every time. Any ideas on how I can fix this. Have read the manual, forum, internet as best I could before posting, so I am a bit stuck! Also because I am new, in the same deaprture screen can I choose which taxi ways to depart from once everything else is fixed? Cheers in advance.
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