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  1. Thanks Volker I feel silly as it is there as you say. I not only searched my disks but also looked in Options and also looked for the answer in every dropdown menu as I expected to find it in a place where setup data/information was. Thanks again
  2. I have searched my drives but cannot find the flight plan files which should have been created (for X-Plane) when I 'save as' and have 'XPlane' 'Xplane format .txt' and 'XPlate Format .flp' selected (ticked). Could someone please advise where they would be. Thanks
  3. Thanks Volker No I didn't want to save a GE plan and I now see that it is selected but I have no idea why as it was never selected before I upgraded to the latest version. I have deselected it and it now saves ok. No regarding the incorrect starting position. I decided that I would delete every flight plan departing my water airport which I had created with both FSC and FSX and start again. Well things have changed but still not correct. I created a new flight plan using FSC with the starting position at DOCK 2, saved started FSX and loaded the flight plan and allowed FSX to position my aircraft at the start position. My aircraft was placed at the end of the water runway not at dock 2. I opened this flight plan in FSX and then reselected Dock 2 as the starting position and this time FSX positioned my aircraft NOT at the runway and NOT at dock 2 but on land nearby. I will send you the files. Added later. By trial and error I have now determined that my AI aircraft have NO effect on this. I removed the .bgl file which contains all my AI flights and it made no difference to the positioning of the aircraft. I found a list of all FSX stock water airports and none I checked have parking (docks) so I can't test with them. I found another water airport created by someone else (not a FSX stock water airport) and the same problem exists with it. So it seems that it is something I need to live with. As water airports don't have ILS they need to be navigated to using VFR and as such I will create flight plans using the FSX flight planner. Regards John
  4. Well I'm back. I posted the problem I have on an AI forum and I was asked what happens if I create a flight plan using FSX and select one of the docks as the starting point. I did this and it WORKS - my floatplane is correctly positioned at that dock and not elsewhere. So it seems like its a problem coming from a flight plan created with FSC So I updated FSC to version 9.6 rev. 9 created the same flight plan with the same starting dock and attempted to SAVE AS and got the error " GoogleEarth.EXE in specified folder not found!" I 'googled' this and found someone in the past experienced this error and the answer was that the location is "hardcoded in FSCommander". So what do I do to fix this?
  5. Thanks again Volker Yes I realise that FSC has no influence as this happens within FSX. My original post here was just in case I was doing something wrong creating my flight plan. The airport is one I created. It is a water airport with 2 'water' runway start positions and 2 'docks'. When I load a flight plan which has a starting position of either of the 2 docks, if both those docks have AI aircraft positioned there then my floatplane is positioned on land. It seems that this could be a 'bug' in FSX as it is giving 'priority' to AI aircraft when starting with a loaded flight plan. As mentioned before if I don't preload a flight plan then my floatplane is positioned at my starting point choice and giving my aircraft priority over an AI aircraft. Maybe I should direct this question on a forum for AI aircraft. Thanks again for your replies. John
  6. Thanks for your reply Volker Maybe I didn't explain correctly. If I start a 'free flight' without loading a flight plan and select a particular starting location (gate) at say airport A (which only has two gates) my aircraft is positioned at that gate I selected and an AI aircraft is at the other gate (there are two AI aircraft due out about the same time of day). If I start a 'free flight' and load a flight plan I created with FSC which has a starting location at one of the two gates, and then click on YES (Do you want FSX to move your aircraft to the departure airport on the flight plan) I find my aircraft is placed no where near either of those gates no where near the runway and there are two AI aircraft positioned one at each gate. So the AI aircraft are being given priority. Yet when not loading the flight plan my aircraft is correctly positioned at the selected gate and only one AI aircraft is positioned (at the other gate). FSX FSUIPC 4.6 No Network FSC downloaded W7 64bit Home One monitor
  7. Hello, I have a flight plan departing from an airport with only 2 parking gates and I have included one of those gates as the departure point. Is it normal for the aircraft to be positioned NOT at the the departure point in the flight plan if all available gates/docks or whatever are occupied by AI aircraft? I have tried using both gates as departures points and each time I load the flight the aircraft is positioned at very odd places if AI aircraft are occupying all available gates. If I don't load the flight plan FSX starts with my aircraft positioned at which gate I select when selecting the airport ie my aircraft takes precedence over any AI aircraft. Thanks
  8. Thanks again Volker - I missed that one. I must be more careful when installing/setting up FSC to ensure that the directory for saved FSX flight plans is correct although I would have thought that the normal/defauly directory would have been preselected.. Maybe because FSX doesn't know which user. Lastly I thought that I set this web site forum up correctly so that I would get notifications of replies to my post. I am not getting any emails and have to remember to go to the web site and check. I checked all settings here and they look ok although the web site does suggest checking the browser to allow such thinks but I have no idea where to look for that as I have never needed to before.
  9. Thanks Volker I think that I have found the problem. FSX is currently is saving them to c:/users/'my name'/my documents instead of c:/users/'myname'/my documents/Flight Simulator X files. Yes I had noticed this a couple of days ago (I have had to recently rebuild my system and so had to reinstall all software) when I couldn't find saved plans in FSX and simply copied the .pln files across and then promptly forgotten I had to do that. I have now editd the FSX.INI file to change the directory for saving FSX plans but I have no idea how the incorrect folder got selected within FSC. I realise that it would have been when I set up FSC but can't remember. Apart from editing the FSX.ini file is there a way to change it within FSC? Thanks again
  10. I have created a few flight plans in the past and today tried to create a plan selecting the gate number at the departure airport. I thought that when I loaded the plan in FSX and selected YES to the prompt "do you want Flight Simulator to move your aircraft to the departure airport on the flight plan" that after clicking on FLY NOW the aircraft would be at the gate I selected in FS Commander. Am I not doing something correctly or isn't this possible and if so why then select a departure gate in FS Commander? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'm going to have to do some work and create a 'segment' or two. Oh well I will learn something and it's always satisfying to learn something new.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I realise that your product and AIRAC are two separate things BUT I thought that someone else who uses Flightsim Commander may have already looked at the same thing and knew the answer. Also the manual is quite long and I find it difficult to read manuals on my monitor (and section 5.6 is 70 pages into the manual). I am loath to read a manual from beginning to end and try and use them only for reference and in this case had no idea what to look for in the index. Quite often I look for answers on YouTube but this time could not find anything. I have been 'Googling' this and found since my forum question that AIRAC 1302 contains the STARs for VHHX. Probably a lot easier than using SEGMENTS. Maybe an old AIRAC but I am not a pilot either. Thanks again John
  13. I would like to create flight plans to fly typical approaches to the OLD Hong Kong airport VHHX) particularly runway 13. When I attempt to display/select STARs for VHHX it is greyed out and I assume this is because the data does not contain any. I have seen a YouTube video on flight approaches to VHHX (Most Extreme Airports - #6 Kai Tak VHHX (Episode 6-1)) and it shows a Standard Arrival Chart (STAR) date 22 Nov 2009 for the old VHHX (see attached). Firstly do I assume correctly that Flightsim Commander uses installed AIRAC data file and that it contains data such are airport SIDs and STARs? If so is it possible to download an AIRAC file from when VHHX was still operational and if not is there a way of creating STAR data for Flightsim Commander? Thanks
  14. I was sure that I had asked this question before but checking through posts back 2 years didn't find anything. I am wondering what importance to a flight plan does selection of Aircraft type have and why each time I select this it displays that I currently do not have a selected aircraft? I noticed that when selecting currently selected aircraft the AIRBUS A300 displays as the default. I thought that if I selected the aircraft type I wanted (ie B737) and then saved the flight plan that when I re-opened that flight plan later it this aircraft would be displayed as the currently selectwed aircraft but it once again displays the AIRBUS A300 again with "Currently selected aircraft: Unknown". I tried to determine an ansdwer from the manual but could not find anything (searched for "aircraft" which found too many to have time to check each). Thanks John
  15. I have found a way but surely this is not the only way? I edited the 'config' file and changed the folder location manually. Is this the only way to do this? Surely not.
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